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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for December 17, 2019

Released on December 17th, 2019

Bug Fixes

Rich Text Editor Adds Erroneous Style Codes When Editing Links in a Table

Act-On resolved an issue with the Rich Text Editor which was causing unwanted style codes to be inserted when editing in a table

Submissions Are Being Added to SF Campaign

This was a second round fix of an issue which caused leads to be erroneously added to a salesforce campaign.

Contact Report Timeline Generates Browser Errors

Act-On fixed a problem with the Contact Report which caused rendering problems.

Contact Report Not Showing All User Data in Printed Version

Act-On resolved an issue which was preventing all Contact Report data from being printed.

Webinars Do Not Support Japanese Characters

Act-On fixed an issue which prevented Japanese characters from being used in Webinar titles.

Form Conditions Values Are Truncated if “and” is Contained in the Field

This problem resulted in a Form Conditions value field truncating text if the word "and" was included.

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