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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for August 6, 2020

Released on August 6th, 2020

Bug Fixes

Message Composer Becomes Unresponsive if a Footer in a Blank Message is Deleted

Act-On resolved a problem which was causing the Email Message Composer to become unresponsive if a footer in a blank email message was removed.

The Messages Tab in Automated Program Dashboard Doesn't Immediately Provide Updated Metrics

Act-On fixed an issue with the Automated Programs dashboard which was causing metrics to show outdated numbers.

The Share Folders With Sales Users Feature in Landing Pages is Not Working

There was an issue which was preventing the ability to share folders with sales users in the Landing Page composer. The issue has been fixed.

"Hide on Desktop", "Hide on Mobile", "Copy Block", and "Delete Block" Buttons Intermittently Do Not Appear

Act-On fixed a problem which was causing these four buttons to not appear in some cases.

Message Styling in Design Tab Over-rides Rich Text Block Font Styling

Act-On fixed a problem which was causing font size styling issues.

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