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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for August 19, 2016

Released on August 19th, 2016


Menu on Top and Skins options to be removed in Sept. 1 release
Cleaner interface and more uniform navigation

When Act-On was first introduced, the navigation menu was on top by default. To ease the transition to the new interface, the option was created to move the menu back to the top. This has caused issues when making changes per customers’ requests so, in order to clean up the navigation and maintain quicker updates, this feature will be removed from the Profile menu on Sept. 1.

Also under the Profile menu, the option to change the color theme of the Act-On platform through the Skins feature will be removed in the Sept. 1 release. This is being removed in favor of more powerful branding options in the future.


ABM: Score accounts based on average score of contacts
New option to choose between average or total account score

Previously in the Account Report, you could only view a sum of scores for each contact under that account. With this new option, available under Configure Accounts, you can choose between calculating the account score as an average or sum of the contacts’ score.

Monthly Visitors removed from Competitors
Clean up of column returning no data

Due to API issues, monthly visitors under Inbound > Competitors has stopped returning data. There appears to be no workaround for the issue at this time, so Act-On has decided to remove this column to avoid unnecessary clutter and support tickets until a solution is found.

Data Studio: Created Time field added and special characters allowed for data exports
Export data with Created Time field or special characters without any issues

Now when exporting data from a list in Data Studio, a new field Created Time can be included and formatted, as needed. Additionally, exports that include special characters in the field name or field value will now display properly when exporting as a CSV.

Data Studio: User Agent library updated
Get more User Agent data within exports

The library for User Agent fields has been updated to provide a richer dataset that includes the latest browsers, devices, etc.

Marketing Funnels now accessed through Funnel Reports menu link
Cleaning up unnecessary menu links

As we continue to clean up the Act-On interface, now to access Marketing Funnels, you will simply click on Funnel Reports under Reports. Previously Marketing Funnels was available in a drop-down of Funnel Reports, but this was found as an unneeded step.

Updates to Automated Programs reports naming
Clarification and alignment of report names

Now when exporting an automated program report, the file that is exported will be titled as “Automated Program - [Message Rollup Report OR Message Summary Report]”. Also included in this change, Download Message Statistics Report has been relabeled to Download Message Summary Report.

Get Image List endpoint modified to return specific folders
Return only image folders needed

The publicapi/1/image API endpoint has been modified to accept an optional parameter of "foldernames" followed by a list of folder names, separated by a semi-colon. Once supplied, then only images in the listed folder names will be returned. If not supplied, then all images in all folders will be returned.

Verbiage updated for creating a segment with appended records
Better clarification of checkbox when appending records

Previously in the last step of appending a list, there was a checkbox that read "Create a direct-selection segment containing the appended or updated records.", but this caused confusion due to the function of this checkbox adding all records to a new segment, whether or not they were appended. To clarify this, the checkbox option now reads “Create a direct-selection segment containing all records contained in the uploaded list.“

Overwrite fields with blanks via FTP sync
Quickly remove fields during FTP sync

This new controlled feature (overwriteblankentries) allows users to specify that a file upload (via manual FTP, browser upload, or FTP sync) will overwrite any existing list fields specified by a blank value in the corresponding upload file's field. This feature explicitly affects files. Uploads from another list or segment are not affected.

Script update needed for Contact Form 7 plugin
Maintain Contact Form 7 submissions posting to Act-On

A recent update to the Contact Form 7 plugin requires a few small changes to the script so that this plugin will continue posting to Act-On. Please check out ourKnowledge Base article to get the latest version of the script and replace it in your Contact Form 7 form settings.

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