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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for August 13, 2015

Released on August 13th, 2015

New Features

Setup Checklist provides step-by-step process for new users
Conveniently construct your account for proper implementation

Set up your accounts with confidence with the new Setup Checklist, located under the Home menu. It provides you with a step-by-step process where you can jump into the relevant section that you need to work on. Once you have met the necessary criteria for each section, it will automatically be marked as done. For example. the Branding Setup section requires that you set up your logo, favicon, stationery, as well as define your CNAME before the section will be marked as completed.


Account number now available on Start page
Quickly view your account number with new Start Page widget

In an effort to simplify accessing your most important account info, Act-On has added your account number to the Account widget. This information is typically needed to complete the DKIM process and may need to be acquired when contacting technical support with issues. If you would like to add the Account widget to your Start screen, just click  in the top-right corner and drag into your dashboard.


Visitor Type field added to reports in Data Studio
Leverage your contact data by distinguishing between Anonymous vs Known visitors

With the Visitor Type field added to Data Studio reports, you can view which Known contacts have been active on your website.  This gives you a distinct advantage on who are hot leads in your database. 

To add this column to your report, follow the basic instructions below within Data Studio:

  • Create a new export > In date set > Website Traffic
  • Detailed log data > Fields > select Visitor Type
  • Finish Export > Generate Export  


Cookie disclosure on login page
Staying in compliance with the EU cookie law

In order to follow the policies set by the EU cookie law, accounts will now have a disclosure at the top of the login screen to clarify that Act-On uses cookies as part of its normal operations. Click I agree to this statement to suppress the notification on further navigations to the Act-On login page.



Utilize ZoomInfo’s industry-leading database for website visitors
Power your campaigns with highly accurate B2B information to create targeted lists

With this new integration, you can quickly access company information of visitors to your website, search for key contacts within the company and purchase their contact information. This allows you to better convert anonymous visitors into ideal leads.

To set up ZoomInfo in your account go to Settings > Connectors and click Data Sources to reveal ZoomInfo. All you will need to set this up is your Partner Code and Password.


In the Website Prospector, you will see the new option, Browse Contacts, when you click the drop-down arrow on a company that visits your website. 

Once you select Browse Contacts, you will be able to view all of the affiliations under that company. Select the specific affiliate that you want to gather information on.

This will reveal the company page which includes general information, a live preview of their website and navigational links. Click Browse Contacts under the website preview to view the contacts available through ZoomInfo.


In the contact window, you will be able to select the contacts that you would like to purchase. You can only select contacts that have an email address and/or phone number. Once you have selected the contacts you want, just click Purchase (#) Leads.


Once you have purchased the contacts, you can access the list from Contacts > Account Lists. Under the Contacts folder, you will have a list for ZoomInfo similar to the Data.com List shown below. If any of the contacts in this list interact with your website, they will now appear as a Known Prospect in the Website Prospector.

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