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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for April 29, 2020

Released on April 29th, 2020

Bug Fixes

Website Visitor Report Does Not Display Current Data

Act-On fixed a problem where the Website visitor did not display the most recent data

Selecting Custom Date Range in the Sent Message Report

Act-On resolved an issue which prevented a custom date range from being selected in the Sent Message Report

Click and Open Counts Don't Match

Act-On resolved a discrepancy between click and open counts in the Sent Message report

Landing Page Daily Activity Report Doesn't Update

Act-On fixed an issue with the Landing Page Daily Activity Report which prevented the data from updating

Combo Box Field Data Not Pushing to Sugar CRM

Act-On resolved a problem which was causing Combo Box field data from being transferred to Sugar CRM

Recipients "Who Viewed" Shows as "Null"

Act-On fixed an issue which was causing the recipients section of the message composer to show as "null"

"Stop Launch" Button Shows an Error

An error message was preventing users from clicking on the "Stop Launch" button from the Sent Messages report. That issue has been resolved.

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