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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for April 23, 2019

Released on April 23rd, 2019


Previously, when uploading or updating a list via the API, the error provided when uploading an empty file was "The server encountered an error". The error message has been changed to: "Uploaded list file may not be empty".


Landing Page Link Clicks Appeared as Deleted Email Activities

The Contact Report was showing entries for Landing Page link clicks as deleted email activities. There were no matching events available to reflect these activities. Act-On is no longer surfacing Landing page link clicks in the Contact Activity History.

Classic Form Fails to Render as the Response Page of a New Form

When set as the response page for a New form, Classic forms were resulting in errors rather than rendering correctly. The error was fixed. Now, the Classic Form is shown properly.

Sugar CRM Adds a Record Instead of Deleting it in Some Cases

Removing a Contact from the Target List in Sugar and executing a Pull did not remove the entry from the Act-On List when using Sugar CRM Target Lists. This has been resolved.

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