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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for April 18, 2016

Released on April 15th, 2016

Custom Favicon URL for Competitors
Manually add and edit competitors favicon for quick recognition

As requested from customers, the ability to manually add or change the favicon that is displayed for a competitor has been added. This helps to find quickly competitors and ensure the correct favicon is being used. Just go to Inbound > Competitors and click Edit to update the favicon for competitors as needed.

Save as Landing Page renamed to Save a Copy to Landing Pages
Consistency between Composers’ Save options

To maintain consistency with the Message Composer. The ‘Save as Landing Page’ option has been renamed to ‘Save a Copy to Landing Pages’ in the Landing Page Composer. When selecting ‘Save a Copy to Landing Pages’, all components and settings will be retained for the page.

Google Adwords notice for URLs
Verify Adwords URLs
are still functioning correctly in Act-On

To correlate with the new Upgraded URLs functionality in Google AdWords, ads using deprecated URLs will now display a warning when hovering over them in the AdWords report in Act-On. Ads that are in question will need to be updated in AdWords to use Final URLs.



Data Studio: Campaign Description field added
Report more campaign data with new field

For all datasets that include Campaign dimension data, Campaign Description has been added to the fields available for reports. This will allow the report to give a more complete view of a campaign that includes messages, forms, landing pages and/or media.

Act-On Anywhere: 1-week option removed
Simplified menu options for prospect history

To optimize the History menu for Act-On Anywhere (Google Chrome extension), the 1-week option has been removed. The new default will be ‘Past 2 weeks’.

Please note: This is part of the Chrome release so changes might not be evident until Google updates the extension.


Act-On Anywhere: Always record/alert option added
Set it and forget it to capture all emails and notify by default

Act-On has added two options to Act-On Anywhere for Chrome’s settings to assist with recording and notifying users by default. When Record All Email is selected, emails will always open with the record option checked. When Notifications for All Emails is selected, emails will always open with the alert option checked. By default, both of these options should be unchecked until one of these new settings options is turned on.

Please note: This is part of the Chrome release so changes might not be evident until Google updates the extension.

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