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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for April 17, 2015

Released on April 17th, 2015

New Features

Act-On Anywhere
Leverage Act-On’s functionality in the tools you already use - CMS, CRM, email and more

We're happy to announce the official release of Act-On Anywhere, a Chrome Extension App that makes Act-On engagement data, assets and functionality available right from within the user's current browsing context. Act-On Anywhere helps marketing and sales users become more productive by giving them a new way to create and optimize content, use email more effectively, and access marketing engagement data to make better business decisions.

The app embodies Act-On's vision of enabling businesses to effectively engage with customers throughout the customer lifecycle, while still supporting an open marketing eco system. No matter what web-based environment a user might be working in, they can click the Act-On Anywhere icon in their browser to access marketing automation features, and they can view engagement information for any person in the Act-On database.

Initially, Act-On Anywhere is available for use in the following ways:

  • Content Authoring
    Enable any web-based Content Management System (CMS) to embed calls-to-action in web pages and blogs using images, landing pages, and forms from the Act-On Media Library.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Access Act-On's powerful SEO functionality right from the web browser to optimize content while creating it. Marketers can also run SEO audits on their websites after creating them.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Access detailed marketing engagement data about any company or contact easily and efficiently, while using any browser-based CRM system.
  • Gmail Communication
    Optimize interactions on Gmail by using Act-On's pre-built email templates within the mail app. Track email opens and clicks of any email sent.

Additional information on how to use Act-On Anywhere can be found in our knowledge base.

Act-On Anywhere for the Google Chrome browser is now available to Act-On customers in the Google Chrome store. If you wish to enable this feature for your account, please contact your account’s Customer Success Manager.


Redesigned and Improved Automated Program Dashboard
Improved interface layout and styling helps nurture marketers easily monitor their programs

The Automated Program Dashboard has undergone a refresh - helping customers to see how their programs are performing at a glance.

Overview Tab
To give users a better idea of the activity of a program, the overview tab features a breakdown of enters and exits by year, month, week or day. Additionally the user can analyze how contacts are being exited from a program, by either standard exit steps, or early exit conditions.

Steps Tab
We’ve redesigned the steps tab so that users can more easily scan the program to understand its contents. Users can easily expand all steps’ details using the icon in the top left corner. Also, we’ve moved all step labels to the left most column so that steps within a program can be more easily referenced and scanned. In addition, users can start/stop a program and download rollup sent message report from this tab. Lastly, this view is more responsive so it can be viewed on mobile devices.

Messages Tab
In order to help users plan for email limits as well as to give another view into a program’s activity, the Messages Tab now includes a breakdown of how many emails were sent by the program. This report is customizable to group by year, month, week or day as well as to go as far back in history of the program as the user wishes.

Early Exits Tab (NEW)
Users can now declare an early exit condition as a “success” or a “failure”. By clicking the thumbs up or down icon, the user can immediately mark each exit condition, or set it to a neutral state. This report of successes and failures is also visible on the overview tab of the programs dashboard.

Details Tab
The details tab has been redesigned so that users can easily view high level details about their program such as whether or not the program is running, how exit conditions are configured, and more.


New Composer: RSS to Email beta
Pull the most recent items from your RSS feed into your emails on a weekly schedule 

The Outbound section now includes a new category for RSS to Email. This feature allows users to drop a special RSS block into their email content within the new message composer.

Users can then specify from which RSS feed they would like to pull content, how many items they would like to pull and configure the content how they like within the context of their message.

Users can then specify from which RSS feed they would like to pull content, how many items they would like to pull and configure the content how they like within the context of their message.

Once the content is ready, RSS to Email features unique options for creating a recurring schedule for the messages to get resent. Each time the message is sent, Act-On checks the RSS feed(s) used in the message at mail run time and looks for the max number of new RSS items in the feed since the last time the message was sent. If there are any new items, the message will pull in up to the max number of new items available since the last time the message was sent. If there are no new items, the message will simply fail.

New Look and Feel
As part of Act-On’s commitment to continued improvement, the RSS to Email section features a brand new look and feel for the listings pages. The most obvious changes is an overall simplified looking interface that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Specifically, a new tab structure has been added which allows users to see the message across the different phases of its usage: Draft; Active; and Completed.

Additionally, the foldering has simplified navigation and been improved with additional functionality. Users can now double click on a folder directly to change the name or delete it; drag folders to reorder them; and drag content directly from the listing into the folder without any clicking. Moving multiple items at once is also now possible by holding the control key while clicking to highlight multiple pieces of content and then dragging all of the items at once into a folder.

Redesigned & Improved Sent Message Report (labs)
Improved interface layout and styling helps nurture marketers easily monitor their email sends

The Sent Message Dashboard has undergone a refresh - helping customers to see how their email sends are performing at a glance. At this time, this feature is only available in Act-On Labs. It provides you a preview of coming functionality while not impacting your day to day activities by changing your existing report.

To enable the new sent report to show side-by-side with your old report navigate to Act-On Labs. Click on the checkbox to enable new sent message report.

Once you’ve enabled the lab feature, a second “report” menu item will show on your sent message listing entry.  The “new” report will take you to the new Sent Message Report, while the “report” entry will continue to take you to the classic report.

The new sent message report should provide you with your email sent messages at a glance. For messages sent within the last month, there will be an enhanced graph of your audience’s operating system, and email clients.

Not all drilldowns are supported at this time - and use some care - none of the drilldowns are currently paginated - so if you drill into a 100k sent listing, at the very best, it will take a long time, and depending on your browser, it could crash your browser. Some functionality is missing - the send button, some of the download buttons, etc.

Additional updates will be coming to the Sent Message report.  We hope you’ll be vocal in your feedback, and send us your ideas about what would be useful on your reports.


New Composer: New Spam Checker
Quickly check the spam score for your messages across four major spam filters

The spam check tool under the Review step in the new message composer has been updated to offer greater insight into potential issues with your message content. Previously, the spam check only showed a general score using SpamAssassin. The new spam check shows scores, pass/fail information and specific rules that have been triggered for the following filters: MessageLabs, Barracuda, Outlook, and SpamAssassin.

Additionally, a history of results for messages has been added in order to see if changes made during testing have helped lower your score from previous tests:

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