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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for April 14, 2017

Released on April 14th, 2017

New Features

Forms Composer Beta now available in Labs

The new Forms Composer Beta is now available for all users through Act-On Labs! We gladly welcome all customers to enable this greatly anticipated feature within their accounts.

Once enabled, users will be able to create mobile friendly forms using the drag and drop interface they have become familiar with across the rest of the Act-On editors. The new composer boasts an easier-to-use interface; form templates and reusable content; modern javascript embedding options; and a ton of new features! Begin building more responsive forms faster today!


To provide the best communication and support that we can for the rollout of the new Forms Composer beta, please be sure to follow and post your questions, feedback and updates in the Forms Composer Beta forum.

Social Analytics available in closed Beta

Social Analytics - The most modern and advanced dashboard built yet in Act-On - is now available in a closed Beta.

The new Social Analytics feature will give you a quick glimpse into the following for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

  • Total posts & posts published by network
  • Reach by network (followers and fans)
  • Total engagement on each network (shares, clicks, replies, etc)
  • Optimum engagement times based on previous posts
  • Top Twitter posts by clicks

If you are already a part of the Social Publish beta, you do not need to sign up – Social Analytics will be activated in your account.
To get access to the Social Analytics and Social Publish beta, please sign up here.


Updated Account Lists interface

As part of Act-On’s on-going commitment to standardize the application interface, the Accounts list  has been updated to reflect the improved listing style. This style allows for filtering of objects in the list as well as a contextual menu on hover for performing actions to any item within the list.
Please note: The multi-drag and multi-delete options that available in the rest of the updated lists are not available or relevant in the Accounts list.

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