Release Notes

GoldMine 2018.1 HF 1

Released on January 29th, 2018

Please Note:

Run the GoldMine Premium 2018.1.1 installer for a new installation, or to upgrade GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0 or newer.

  • If you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine prior to 9.0.0, you must first upgrade to version 9.0.0 before upgrading to this version.

Run the GoldMine Connect 2018.1.1 installer for a new installation, or to upgrade GoldMine Connect 2015.1 or newer.

  • If you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine Connect prior to 2015.1, it is necessary to uninstall the existing version of GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Connect and install GoldMine Connect 2018.1 as a new installation.

It is recommended that you clear the device/browser cache and restart IIS after an installation/re-installation or upgrade of GoldMine Connect.

What’s New in GoldMine 2018.1 HF 1

Goldmine Premium Edition

  • If the “Encode E-mails using character set” value is empty in a user’s E-mail Options, GoldMine will use “utf-8” as the default character set.
  • The following charsets are fully supported in the current version:
    • UTF-8
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-15
  • Full support of UTF-8 in the body of the emails. Although in previous versions we could set the utf-8 as a charset we could not compose emails is some foreign languages (e.g. Arabic), but we could receive them. This issue was fixed in the current version.
  • Enabling the Dynamic Update Exchange protocol (DDE)

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2018.1 HF 1

  • 232288 : Document templates for a particular machine lost the ability to be updated.
  • 242114 : When attaching files to an edited email, the body changes to part of the MIME Type info, --nqp=nb64=
  • 242312 : Email Draft/Queue Issue
  • 229632 : Regression of 253836 - Special characters (e.g. French) will be destroyed when saving an email template >> also when sending such an email to a contact the special characters are gone
  • 234949 : Special Characters corrupted when linking Email to GoldMine from Outlook using UTF-8 encoding.
  • 235057 : Certain characters are changed/destroyed after linking an email from Outlook Link and open it within GoldMine.
  • 213015 : Having a friendly name with a special character and a comma, the e-mail address is not parsed correctly within GoldMine GoldMine recognizes first part of name as e-mail address
  • 212845 : Sorry, but Microsoft Office was not installed.This document cannot be previewed when opening an Microsoft Excel file (xlsx) document from Links tab
  • 233943 : Typo in Dialog message: In order to apply some visual changes you must retart GoldMine instead of restart GoldMine
  • 233950 : When changing Theme from any of the new Modern themes to a different the Toolbar will disappear
  • The grey background doesn't apply to certain areas
  • Can't log in on the API when the user password is longer than 9 characters

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