Solutions for Procurement Departments

DocuSign can help you streamline how you manage suppliers and contract processes while lowering costs and removing risk from the supply chain. 

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DocuSign for Procurement

How DocuSign Works for Procurement Departments

Secure, tamperproof documents, audit trails, enterprise-level administration controls, and document retention options make compliance easy to manage.

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Statements of Work

Reduce delays by getting signatures in minutes - not hours or days - and easily integrating into back-end systems with fewer data entry errors.

Master Service Agreements

Streamline the process for putting MSAs in place for vendors and partners, bringing all your agreements together in a single place for 24/7 access from anywhere.

Contracts and Agreements

Execute contracts faster and ensure compliance with internal policies, signing levels and authority, and document retention.


Ensure SOX and HIPAA regulatory compliance by storing signed documents and completed audit trail information — completely secure and tamperproof, with retention policies to match your own.

RFP Management

Manage complex RFP processes with vendors and consultants, ensuring adherence to milestones, NDAs, and contract terms.

Purchase Orders

Use DocuSign to deliver document-based training materials and have trainees electronically acknowledge delivery and completion.

DocuSign starting from $10 per month