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Transforming eSignatures Across Departments with DocuSign

The powerful partner solutions for DocuSign give you a fast and easy way to send, sign, and take action from within the applications you already use every day.

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DocuSign Solutions for Departments

What Department Best Applies to You?

DocuSign provides the freedom to finish business faster with the world's most trusted electronic signature solution - on practically any device, virtually anywhere in the world, securely - for businesses of every shape and size.


DocuSign helps facilities teams optimize the processes needed to run physical premises, increasing visibility into key processes, and making on-site interactions more pleasant for customers, vendors and employees.

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DocuSign helps finance departments manage and streamline critical processes with ease and security. 
With DocuSign, you can accelerate invoicing and cash flow, improve compliance, gain real-time visibility into critical document processes, and integrate with existing systems.

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Human Resources

DocuSign helps HR organizations make key functions like hiring, onboarding, and benefits enrollment paper-free, so you can save time, reduce errors, increase compliance, and improve employee and candidates’ experience. 
With more than 40 signing languages and ease of integration with HRIS solutions, DocuSign helps meet the HR needs of global enterprises.

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IT Operations

DocuSign allows you to fully automate your IT operations processes and forms across a wide range of functions.
From asset tracking to trouble tickets and more, DocuSign helps you to expedite, gain control over, and increase visibility into your key processes.

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DocuSign helps law firms and legal departments increase document automation, efficiency, and compliance.  
With industry-leading standards of enforceability, including robust authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certificates, chain of custody, and a non-repudiable audit trail, it’s actually a risk not to go with DocuSign.

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DocuSign helps marketing departments launch programs faster by making it easier to get important contracts executed, as well as internal sign-offs on marketing plans, briefs, and content.
It can also improve program performance by providing an easier and better way for customers to register for marketing events like webinars.

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DocuSign can help you streamline how you manage suppliers and contract processes while lowering costs and removing risk from the supply chain. 
Secure, tamperproof documents, audit trails, enterprise-level administration controls, and document retention options make compliance easy to manage.

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Product Management

DocuSign helps product management teams speed up delivery of new products and enhancements by helping to orchestrate multiple inputs, moving timelines, and facilitation across teams.
Adding DocuSign to project management documents and processes increases control and improves visibility across your organization.

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DocuSign helps sales organizations close deals faster, from almost anywhere in the world. 
DocuSign offers greater visibility into a deal’s status, the ability to collect information so you don’t need to rekey data and send out reminders, so you can spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures.

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DocuSign drives customer satisfaction, retention, and renewals.
Electronic forms and signatures reduce errors, increase compliance, and significantly reduce your costs, plus you can easily collect signatures in-person for field service activities.

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