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Send and sign agreements with DocuSign, the world’s #1 electronic signature solution.

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DocuSign Electronic Signature

As a DocuSign Resale Partner we analyze your business processes, we simplify your customer interactions, and we speed up the signing process of your sales team.

The eSignature Solution Trusted by Hundreds of Millions of Users

From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, agreements are everywhere. With DocuSign eSignature, you have the ability to complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements in minutes rather than days.

DocuSign eSignature accelerates agreements, eliminates manual tasks, and makes it easy to connect with the tools and systems you’re already using, including many of the leading CRM systems, such as SugarCRM, Salesforce.com, Hubspot CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, and more.

How eSignatures Work

DocuSign Benefits

Do Business Faster

Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device. Up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes.

Be More Efficient

DocuSign eSignature eliminates manual tasks and increases convenience for your customers and employees.

Save More Money

DocuSign eSignature saves an average of $36 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

Reduce Risks

DocuSign meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

DocuSign on phone and tablet

Anywhere, Any Device

Sign, send, and manage documents anywhere on any device with our award-winning mobile app. Prepare documents, collect signatures, have customers sign in person, and keep business moving when you’re on the move.

DocuSign features

A Feature-Rich Application

Don’t just collect signatures online. Use DocuSign’s one-of-a-kind Digital Transaction Management platform to assemble your documents, secure your data, and authenticate your signers. Tens of millions of users rely on DocuSign to make all of their transactions easier.

DocuSign send or sign documents


With over 50 million users worldwide, DocuSign processes millions of documents daily. DocuSign offers features that make our documents both widely compatible and widely accessible.

DocuSign create order form


It’s easy to integrate DocuSign with other applications to prepopulate forms, saving you hassle and reducing errors. DocuSign’s advanced form and field validation capabilities automate business logic, streamlining the process for signers to input data, while giving senders complete control over the data that gets collected.

DocuSign send templates workflow


DocuSign lets you specify and order any number of signers. Assign recipients different roles and access beyond signing permissions — you have control over every step of the process.

DocuSign security two factor authentication 2fa


Make sure your signers are who they say they are. Multiple levels of authentication increase the thresholds required of signers to prove their identity before given access to documents.

DocuSign signatures


Send documents with DocuSign and have your customers sign and send back your document within a matter of minutes. Sending and signing is fast, easy and intuitive.

DocuSign eSignature eliminates manual tasks and increases convenience for your customers and employees.


Take advantage of optional add-on services from DocuSign and industry-leading partners to address specific transaction requirements, like payment processing, document retention, notary and more.

DocuSign reports


Robust product reporting makes it easy for DocuSign users and account administrators to see information about their account. Real-time access combined with extensible scheduled reporting means that business statistics are always available and accessible.

DocuSign certificate of completion


DocuSign ensures your documents are legal and enforceable in a court of law. Powerful information-gathering and transaction logging protects your contracts from repudiation and keeps you out of court.

DocuSign set document retention policy


Signed documents and audit trails are maintained by DocuSign’s tamper-proof storage system, providing easy but secure access.

DocuSign E-Signature helps to drastically increase the overall intent to sign a document.

W-Systems Knows DocuSign

We specialize in developing, customizing, and configuring integrations between CRM systems and DocuSign. As a DocuSign Resale Partner, our expertise helps increase the velocity of sales processes and enable customers to close more business faster. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

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DocuSign Partner Badge

DocuSign starting from $10 per month

20+ Years of Happy Clients

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

An Excellent Partner for Enhancements and Resources

Our experience with the team has been nothing but positive. They are a valuable resource for SugarCRM integrations and enhancements as well as day-to-day support. Our Account Manager has always shared relevant and engaging content and there is a wealth of webinars and knowledge shared throughout the year by the company. A+++

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Excellent Partner!

Responsive, helpful, thoughtful. They have been exactly opposite (in as positive of a way as possible) of the typical software sales approach. W-Sytems created my happiness with CRM.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Instrumental in our Upgrade

Mark was instrumental in our upgrade to the latest version of GoldMine. Not only did Mark do the data conversion but he has subsequently resolved several issues that have surfaced with the GoldMine alarms & the daily backup process. Mark has been very accommodating to any contact I have made to either ask questions or resolve an issue. Previously we have worked with Bob thru the years to support our GM application and again very pleased with the support offered by Bob. I would highly recommend W-Systems Corp. for support.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Great Coding and Good Service!

Our company has used W-Systems for about a year now for customization of our SugarCRM Cloud environment. It's been a pleasure working with a group of developers that get the job done right the first time. From the Director of Sales to the Ops Manager to the programmers... all our first class.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Good Integrator to Work With

W-Systems is an experienced and diligent SugarCRM integrator and developer. They have worked on numerous integrations and implementation projects with us and have been a great partner.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Excellent Experience Implementing SugarCRM

W-Systems provided our not-for-profit with outstanding guidance and support to customize and implement SugarCRM to manage a complex network of activities, properties and partner relationships. The outcome was a clear, user-friendly system for our team resulting in professional reporting for our funders and senior leadership. W-Systems provides a project manager who is accountable and responsive throughout the process and provided resources for us to manage our system effectively.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

W-Systems is Wonderful!

W-Systems installed our system and has been wonderful about working with us over a long period of time when something went wrong.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Second to None

We have found that W-Systems' knowledge and response time is second to none. They are always willing to take the time and use the necessary resources needed to answer our questions, resolve our issues and teach us whatever we need to learn. They are patient, informative and proactive.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

CRMs are Personal and Complicated

CRMs are personal and complicated. With every project and every issue we have had, I feel that we were treated fairly and professionally. On the occasional misunderstanding or miscommunication, there was no gotcha but a desire to solve the issue fairly. The expertise level is high. Very good and respectful service.

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December 01, 2020

Sugar Connector to DocuSign November 2020 Update

The November 2020 update to the Sugar Connector to DocuSign addresses issues found in previous versions.

October 28, 2020

Sugar Connector to DocuSign October 2020 Update

The October 2020 update to the Sugar Connector to DocuSign addresses issues found on previous versions.

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We are delighted to announce that W‑Systems has joined SugarCRM!

If you are a Sugar customer, please visit us for support here, or contact our award-winning support team via email at support@sugarcrm.com.

If you are not a SugarCRM customer, we’re happy to help route you here so DocuSign can assist with your service and support needs.