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DocuSign helps sales organizations close deals faster — anywhere in the world. DocuSign offers greater visibility into a deal’s status, the ability to collect information so you don’t need to rekey data and send out reminders, so you can spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures. And it easily integrates into many of the leading CRM systems, including SugarCRM,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, and more.

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How does DocuSign work?

Learn the steps to sign documents electronically with DocuSign, request online eSignatures on documents, and send reminders or track signing status.

Discover How DocuSign Works

Remove Hurdles from Your Sales Process

Think about the typical workflow process your reps go through to get a signature on a deal. Is this what it looks like?

  • Email, fax, or overnight contract to client for signature
  • Communicate with prospect to verify contract was received
  • Wait for prospect to manually print, scan, route and return contract
  • Wonder where it is in the signing process – in an inbox, lost in the mail?
  • Chase prospect (several times) then wait some more
  • Finally receive signed document via fax
  • Review document, discover fax copy isn’t legible. Follow up with the customer to resend.
  • Adjust forecast to reflect delay
  • Repeat

We couldn’t make it more difficult for reps (or customers) if we tried.

This just describes a workflow. How many more hurdles are there when deals require more than one signed document during the sales cycle like an NDA, or terms and conditions? Or when multiple people need to sign the same agreement?

And there are more hurdles still when reps must manually key in data your customer supplies with the signed contract – such as a Purchase Order number, a ship to, or quantities. No wonder deals take so long to close and require so much of your sales reps’ time!

By introducing electronic signature tools, you are well on your way to removing some of these hurdles.

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