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Develop Web Experiences That Drive Results

Drive awareness, promote your content and offerings, and enhance your funnel with Act-On's easy-to-build landing page templates and website optimization solutions.

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Web & Landing Pages

Website & Landing Page Optimization Tools

Your audience comes to learn about your offerings at each of your digital touchpoints. From your campaign landing pages to customer education content, make the most of every interaction to build long-lasting customer relationships using Act-On's web and landing page optimization tools.

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Learn how modern marketers are using Act-On to build landing pages and drive more conversions.

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Landing Pages

Landing Page Composer lets you design, build, test, and launch a professional page in minutes. Kickstart your campaigns, drive interest around core topics, and gather valuable information to inform scoring and improve audience segmentation.

  • Add your own landing page templates using design-on-the-fly HTML design options
  • Drag & drop content blocks
  • Upload and store unique branded assets for later use
  • Access a wide variety of stock template options 
  • Optimize your page for mobile with responsive design
  • Templates enable sticky navigation bars
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Website Prospector

97% of your site’s visitors are anonymous, so how can you make actionable connections? Act-On's Website Prospector tool gives you comprehensive user behavior data — helping you create engaging customized experiences in real-time.

  • Anonymous Visitor Tracking builds a dossier on each visitor, helping you forge better connections.
  • Prospect Activity History helps marketers view each visitor’s browsing behaviors to understand their interests while strengthening connections — before and after the conversion.
  • Real-Time Alerts tell you when a specific user is visiting your page so you can immediately understand their needs and respond in real-time.
  • Contact Lookup Tools help you zero in on who’s researching your products and solutions for more productive follow-up.
  • Website Data Analytics help you save time and money by showing you what’s happening on your sites and pages in one consolidated reporting tool. 
Act-On SEO Audit Tools

SEO Audit Tools

Today, over 80% of consumers begin their buying journey on a search engine. So, when it comes to search, if you aren’t ranking, your sites and pages might be tanking. Act-On's easy-to-use SEO Audit Tool helps you optimize your page’s SEO ranking while adapting to ever-evolving search engine algorithms.

  • Page scoring allows you to assess your page performance trends and re-evaluate keyword strategies.
  • Discover which pages drive traffic and optimize your site’s navigation to conversion points. 
  • Know when to update your page content to improve your SEO score.
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Landing Page A/B Testing

Your web and landing pages are set for success. But how can you be sure they’re optimized for the end-user actions you want? To get the best responses and highest conversions, the A/B Testing Tool optimizes each step along the conversion funnel, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Use multiple design tactics to better connect with your prospects and customers.
  • Optimize your page and form design to ensure visitors take the actions you want.
  • Continuously re-evaluate page design to ensure optimal effectiveness and campaign performance.
Act-On’s landing page builder allowed us to custom-build templates that were effective and easy to update.
Siri Hage Director of Marketing Communications, Picarro
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20+ Years of Happy Clients

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Great CRM Partner!

We brought on W-Systems to take on a very complicated CRM upgrade. We chose W-Systems due to their knowledge around our system, and they had the resources to execute. Their PMs, dev team, customer service, and sales teams were all top-notch and responsive to our needs and feature requests. I'd recommend W-Systems to any company looking for a SugarCRM partner.

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W-Systems is Wonderful!

W-Systems installed our system and has been wonderful about working with us over a long period of time when something went wrong.

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Good Integrator to Work With

W-Systems is an experienced and diligent SugarCRM integrator and developer. They have worked on numerous integrations and implementation projects with us and have been a great partner.

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The Entire Team Works Hard

The entire team at W-Systems works hard to make sure you are satisfied with their service - be it resolving technical issues or implementing new technologies! BIG thumbs up!

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Second to None

We have found that W-Systems' knowledge and response time is second to none. They are always willing to take the time and use the necessary resources needed to answer our questions, resolve our issues and teach us whatever we need to learn. They are patient, informative and proactive.

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An Excellent Partner for Enhancements and Resources

Our experience with the team has been nothing but positive. They are a valuable resource for SugarCRM integrations and enhancements as well as day-to-day support. Our Account Manager has always shared relevant and engaging content and there is a wealth of webinars and knowledge shared throughout the year by the company. A+++

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Stellar Service

We have worked with W-Systems for many years. Their service is stellar on every level, including the expertise and caring of their staff members.

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Excellent Partner!

Responsive, helpful, thoughtful. They have been exactly opposite (in as positive of a way as possible) of the typical software sales approach. W-Sytems created my happiness with CRM.

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Simply Amazing!

W-Systems has been truly amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They really go the extra mile to help you through the process, and always do their best to make your vision a reality instead of just taking the easy way out. We are super pleased and look forward to continued business together.