Release Notes

Act-On New Features and Upgrades for October 25, 2018

Released on October 25th, 2018


Litmus Integration Updates

This release introduces updates to the Litmus integration including a streamlined login process, access to the full selection of clients and devices and additional access to preview functionality within Act-On. Litmus-connected users may now access their selection of any of the 90+ clients and devices available from Litmus. If no selection is made, a selection of the 10 most popular clients will be shown by default. Users may now also access Litmus preview functionality for the Email Templates Message Editor and the Automated Program Message Editor.

When accessing Litmus in Act-On for the first time after these updates have been made, users will be required to re-authenticate. This can be done from the Connectors page or via the 'Test With Litmus' button in the Message Editor if re-authenticating from the Message Composer you'll be required to disable your popup blocker. For more information on the Litmus integration, please refer to the knowledge base article.

Various Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Unable to send an email to multiple contacts selected on the Account Report or an Account Group
  • Sales users unable to open the Contact Report from a Program Alert or the Website Prospector 
  • Gated Content not downloading automatically when accessed via iPhone 
  • Gated Content not downloading when cookies are not enabled 
  • Sugar V10 API pulls operations enabled by default for all accounts using Sugar V7.X 
  • Customers who utilize the CRM Integration Toolkit who have been unable to access the recently updated Contact Report will temporarily revert to the Activity History Report in order to restore a functioning report while the Contact Report is updated to be made compatible with these implementation mechanisms. 
  • Fix to Add Media File API endpoint 

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