Release Notes

Act-On New Features and Upgrades for February 19, 2019

Released on February 19th, 2019


Funnel report processing performance improvement

Act-On has changed the way funnel reports are processed which should result in a more timely availability of these reports.


Deleting Conditions in Segments Removes the Wrong Entry

Previously, removing conditions in segment definitions could cause an unrelated segmentation condition or entry to be deleted or modified. The issue has been resolved and there is no longer a risk of inadvertently changing or removing segmentation conditions when editing a segment.

Opt-In With "Subscription Management on" Not Working

An issue which occurred when entering an email address in an opt-in confirmation form was resolved. Submitting the email address did not result in the Subscription Management page being shown. The issue has been fixed--now the Subscription Management page appears correctly after submitting an email address.

Checkboxes Only Update in the First Section of a Form

Checkboxes and radio buttons were not clearing correctly if they were placed in a section other than the first section of the Form. This issue is now resolved and combo boxes and radio buttons will clear their values correctly if a form submission occurs with blank values for those fields.

External Links Could Cause Forms to Display Incorrectly

Act-On resolved an issue which could cause Forms to render incorrectly in rare cases when an Act-On link was copied and pasted from one part of the platform into a Form. 

Old Usage Tracking Code Caused Browser Console Errors

Old tracking code which was causing browser console errors to appear was removed.

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