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Act-On Pricing as Unique as Its Platform

While some vendors charge you for every contact in your database, Act-On is different. Act-On's price is focused on driving value for you, which is when you engage with contacts. Why pay for contacts that you aren’t interacting with?

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Act-On Pricing


A platform for the energetic marketer

Starting at $900 Per month* Schedule a Demo Request a Quote

A complete marketing automation program:

  • Starts at 2,500 active contacts
  • Best-of-breed marketing automation
  • Integrates into virtually any MarTech system
  • Execute true multichannel marketing programs
  • Engage with customers across their life cycle


Silver support package featuring phone support during businesss hours

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When scale, scope and reach is essential to success

Starting at $2000 Per month* Schedule a Demo Request a Quote

Enhanced to power advanced program

All of professional plus:

  • Deep CRM Connector for SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite
  • Data Studio for advanced reporting and BI integration
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • 2x user accounts


Silver support package featuring phone support during businesss hours

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Need to estimate how many active contacts you have?

Active Contacts refers to the subset of your total contact database to which you are actively marketing.

Typically, Active Contacts represent 40% - 60%of your contact database in a month.

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Automated engagment programs
Track website and landing page visitors
Score visitors, prospects and customers
Create contact lists based on behavior and demographics
Target emails and messaging to contact segments
Deliver landing pages and forms that engage your market and capture info
Dozens of pre-built templates for landing pages, forms, and emails
Open API, Zapier and Cazoomi enables customers to build the martech they need
Interactive analytics and reporting dashboards
CRM Integration Add-On
Data Studio for advanced reporting and BI integration Add-On
Account-Based Marketing Add-On
Transactional email Add-On Add-On

Pricing Frequently asked questions

What is an "Active Contact"?

Active Contacts are based on the number of contacts you engage within a given month — not the size of your database. Your database might include millions of contacts, but you might include only 50% of them in your campaigns. Act-On fees are based on the volume of active contacts rather than the sum number in your marketing database.

What if I need to adjust my number of Active Contacts?

We understand that many businesses experience cyclical or unpredictable growth throughout the year. Our pricing model is intentionally flexible to scale with your needs all year long, allowing for variance in Active Contact fees to meet your business realities.

How is my pricing determined?

The calculator above provides a pricing range for the Act-On Platform. Anticipated pricing starts at the figure shown, yet actual pricing may vary depending on additional factors – including add-ons, configuration, and implementation. Please contact sales for a specific quote unique to your needs.

What will my pricing be next year?

Year-over-year pricing is largely dependent on the volume of active contacts in your database, your product add-on functionality, and services agreements. While there may be incremental economic adjustments, customers do not typically see significant year-over-year changes in Active Contact fees.

Can I purchase Professional and add-on product functionality not included in the Professional package?

The majority of the additional product functionality included in the Enterprise package is available to those with the Professional package for a fee. Please contact us for details.

Am I required to sign an annual contract?

Yes. Your long-term success is our priority, and we find that customers that commit to the year-long investment (or beyond) are most successful with our platform.

Do you offer discounts for 501 © (3) non-profits?

Yes. Please contact us for details.


Website & Landing Pages

Drive awareness, promote your content and offerings, and enhance your funnel with Act-On's easy-to-build landing page templates and website optimization solutions.

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Forms and Data Management

Act-On’s web forms are easy to design and deploy, helping you collect and manage customer information to optimize your lead and customer engagement efforts.

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Prospect & Customer Scoring

Collect and leverage consumer behavior and engagement data to accurately score every prospect and customer activity.

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Advance your marketing success by grouping similar buyers and delivering targeted messaging through optimized outreach programs that drive real results.

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Connect. Nurture. Convert. Evangelize. With Act-On’s marketing automation capabilities, you can automate, launch, measure, adapt, and optimize multi-dimensional campaigns.

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Want to communicate with your audience better than ever? Engage them with personalized messaging on the most relevant and effective channels.

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Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Gain a thorough understanding of campaign performance to improve strategic, tactical, and messaging decisions.

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Act-On's fast, powerful open API and marketing technology integrations enable you to turn your marketing stack into a single powerful platform — no matter which solutions you’re using.

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