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Social Media Tools That Drive Business

Act-On’s social media tools help you track, interact, and build your audience all from within the Act-On platform. Find out what customers and prospects are saying about you, or a target keyword, or your competition. 

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Act-On Social Media

Social Media Contact-History Report

Track Social Engagement

Monitor social engagement at the Account and individual Contact level, and tie it to the rest of their digital behavior. Act-On’s lead intelligence gives sales and marketing teams invaluable insight into the buying journey.

Act-On Social Media

Integrated Social Sharing

Social media is most productive when used in conjunction with your other marketing tools and tactics, such as events, landing pages, and email campaigns. Integrated social sharing widgets in Act-On’s email and landing page composers make it easy to drag and drop sharing buttons that will encourage social amplification.

Act-on Social Publisher

Social Publish

Act-On’s Social Publish is a simple way to share content through your social channels – automatically. It integrates Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into a single publishing interface. Use Social Publish to easily schedule and share your Act-On assets (including landing pages, forms, and specific media) or any URL, all at the same time, from one easy to use tool.

Act-On Competitor insights

Competitor Insights

Competitor insights let you benchmark your web traffic, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn traffic, tweets, and YouTube views against your competition. Set up tracking for new competitors in just minutes and see results instantly – with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard view.

Act-On Oktopost analytics image

Advanced Social Media Module

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module is a fantastic add-on to our Social Media tools. With this added functionality, you can measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts, including conversion rates, sales velocity, revenue attribution, and impact on retention.

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