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Deliver Quality  Campaigns and Sales Pitches 

Real-time visibility to user search terms and behavior gives key insights for easy prospect segmentation, allowing you to deliver campaigns and sales pitches at the right time.

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Customer Search History and Segmentation

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Your Buyers Are Speaking. Are You Listening?

The words and phrases people use for search give you insight into what they care about, what they need, and/or what they want. It can also tell you where they are in their buyer’s journey.

Act-On delivers real-time visibility into this information, which can help guide your marketing team in the creation of campaigns, and guide your sales team in the timing and talk tracks for reaching out.

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Customer Profile Management

Using Search History to Enrich the Buyer Profile

As buyers engage, their search history becomes part of their individual profile. Over time, you learn the search terms they commonly use. You also learn (maybe more importantly) the search terms they use on your site and what they do during each site visit – such as downloading an eBook or white paper, reading your pricing page, or registering for a webinar.

Add all that goodness with knowledge into the emails they respond to, and both marketing and sales teams will know just what to say when they reach out.

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Consumer Behavior Segmentation

Use Search to Hone Your Nurture Segments

Relevance drives search results, as well as the clicks those results get from prospective buyers. Your buyer’s language reveals where they are in their journey, and you can use this to respond with relevance.

For example:

  • For prospects who are searching on general terms, awareness is the goal. Nurture them with white papers and other basic materials.
  • Prospects who use specific and/or long tail keywords are much further along the journey. Tell them why your solution is the best or alert them to a deal – don’t bore them with beginner’s materials.

Segmenting prospects by their search terms helps you meet them where they are, and make it personal.

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