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Understand Your Prospects to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Keep your conversion rates high with shorter forms and dynamically collect information about your prospects with the help of progressive profiling.

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Act-On Progressive Profiling

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What Is Progressive Profiling?

Progressive profiling helps you gradually learn more about your leads while keeping conversion rates high. It’s done through adaptive forms that present questions incrementally over time based on the person’s past actions and what’s already known about them.

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How Progressive Profiling Works

Marketers want to know everything about new prospects, but asking them to fill out 10 fields on a form might scare them off before you get the chance to connect. Already know a prospect’s name and email address? No need to collect it twice – Act-On allows you to serve new form fields dynamically based on the information you’ve already collected. Progressive profiling keeps your conversion rates high with shorter forms and allows you to collect a wealth of information about your prospects as they engage with you.

Progressive Profile Example

Here’s an example of a typical progressive profiling experience:

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Step 1: The First Visit

A visitor arrives on a landing page for the first time and decides to fill in a form for a valuable piece of content. The form presents her with a bare minimum of required fields, just name and email address. The short form is easy to fill out and creates no  barriers between you and your prospect.

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Step 2: The Second Visit

When she returns, the form dynamically replaces the original questions with new ones. Perhaps it asks for a company name. The form may also be pre-populated with the name and email address she previously supplied on her first visit. This adds a level of confidence because the site recognizes and acknowledges her.

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Step 3: The Third Visit

During the next visit, the form again displays another set of new questions that continue the qualification process; this time it might be phone number and time frame to purchase. Over time, your picture of the prospect is filled out, the prospect learns what to expect from you, trust builds, and everyone wins.

Benefits of Progressive Profiling

By asking questions slowly and progressively, leads aren’t turned off by the amount of information they’re asked to provide, they stay engaged with your content longer, and you gain the intelligence you need to help serve their needs and move them through the sales funnel.

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Increased Conversion Rate

Progressive profiling lets you dole out questions over time, so that each form you serve is short, sweet, and won’t send your prospect running.

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Better User Experience

Dynamic forms mean your leads only see the fields and questions that pertain to them. Forms stay small, tidy, and unobtrusive.

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Shortened Sales Cycle

The dynamic nature of progressive profiling helps marketers more quickly uncover which leads are qualified for sales and which need more nurturing.

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