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Use A/B Testing to Optimize Results

Get the highest click rates and conversions as well as the best possible outcomes for all of your online marketing campaigns with powerful A/B testing.

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A/B Testing

Start Testing and Stop Guessing

A/B testing is an excellent way to determine which designs and copy will get the most conversions. For example, you can quickly discover whether the call to action “Buy Now” or “Shop for Deals” will work better with your target segment, or whether a red button gets more action than a green one. The better the response, the higher your return on investment.

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Learn how modern marketers are using A/B testing tools with Act-On.

Act-On A/B Testing

Fast A/B Test Deployment

With Act-On’s easy-to-use A/B testing, you can experiment with any aspect of an email, landing page, or form that might have an impact on conversion, such as button labels, colors, link text, headings, and prices. Compare how your customers actively respond to one version against how they respond to a single variation, so you know in a concrete, measurable way which of the two alternatives delivers the best results. Instead of hoping that your intuition is right, you can count on the data to decide which execution works best.

Act-On Email Composer

Create Emails That Get Clicks

Using A/B testing on email marketing messages, you can quickly see which version gets the most action. Determine the best subject line, message body and layout to optimize responses.

Just set up and schedule your test with up to five different messages, run the test, and then set the timing for the final run of the winning message. Use the real-time dashboard to see the test in progress and follow the results. If you want to, you can even stop and start the test or manually decide the winner.

Act-On Landing Pages

Setup Landing Pages That Convert

A/B testing is a key aspect of finding the best way to lead prospects through the conversion funnel. Need to know which landing page content or call-to-action produces a higher conversion rate? Test it out. A conversion funnel can consist of several steps, each requiring an optimization analysis. With Act-On A/B testing, the process is automated, so you can work your way through every step in the conversion process with ease, optimizing each one, and making sure they work together seamlessly.

Make Forms That Get Results

Capturing data from potential leads can be difficult. In exchange for their information, prospects expect to get something valuable in return. How can you determine the right combination of offers, form fields, and information to gather the data you need? Testing makes it easier to find the best possible version. Take the guesswork out of your marketing. Launch every form with confidence using A/B testing as your guide.

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