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Marketing-to-Sales Waterfalls in a Single Real-Time View

Act-On funnel reports show lead velocity and conversion flows at-a-glance, in real time, and across time - no matter how many data systems you use.

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Act-On Funnel Reporting

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What Is Funnel Reporting?

Funnel reporting is a way to display visitor data collected for the sales or marketing funnels. Traditional reporting has your data siloed in multiple systems, making it a time-consuming challenge to create a consolidated and real-time picture of your conversion funnels.

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With Act-On Marketing Funnels, You Can:

  • Measure the lead flow and velocity of your prospects as they move through the pipeline.
  • Track prospects through key conversions you define; e.g., Anonymous to Known, Prospect to Qualified Lead, Opportunity to Won Deal, etc.
  • Create models – from high-level to fine-tuned – that help you better predict the buyer’s journey, conversion timelines, uncover process gaps, more accurately forecast near- and long-term sales, and much more.
  • Report on multiple dimensions of your marketing and sales efforts, and compare performance over time.
  • Create integrated reports that automatically pull from different data sources, including your CRM system.

Act-On’s intuitive interface and powerful engine make set-up a breeze … no need for specialized business intelligence tools or analytics experts. Act-On does the heavy lifting so you can focus on your results.

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Data Silos are No Longer a Barrier Between You and Your Funnels

Act-On funnel reports let you see your conversion flows at-a-glance, in real time and across time, no matter how many systems your data is stored in.

The results: Immediate insight into the true effectiveness of your marketing efforts, a comprehensive understanding of your lead-to-revenue conversions, and the information you need to optimize your outcomes.

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How Funnel Reports Work

As your prospects move through the funnel, they’re time-stamped at each conversion event you’ve defined. This tracking is done in real time, which ensures your prospects are always in the correct funnel stage and your funnel reports are always accurate every time you run them.

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Full Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Act-On marketing funnels are designed with the flexibility to track engagement based on your unique business criteria. This allows you to easily create funnels that are aligned to your specific marketing processes, lead-to-revenue drivers, lead scoring, and profiling and behavioral data. For example:

  • See how your lists are driving revenue, track engagement for a specific campaign, or model the flow as prospects engage with your content across each stage of their buyer’s journey.
  • Use a CRM? By integrating your CRM with Act-On, you can increase your funnel-creation opportunities, including funnels that show your conversions – from leads to opportunities to won deals – and the flow of prospects as they transition from marketing to sales over a specific time frame.
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