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Act-On Platform Overview

Navigate the customer journey with Act-On's award-winning marketing technology.

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Marketing Platform

Adaptive Journeys Enables Smarter Marketing

Our intuitive and integrated marketing automation platform is built to help marketers, like you, respond and engage at every step of the customer journey. With Act-On, you’ll have the insight to make data-driven decisions resulting in an exceptional customer experience – that’s both relevant and personalized.

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Learn about more about Act-On's innovative capabilities that enable you to leverage machine-learning data to make your marketing programs work for you, not against you.

Generate More Leads

Stop wasting time on inefficient processes and start focusing on programs that generate the most high-quality leads for your business.

Automated program

Take Control of Your Marketing Campaigns

Stop relying on web developers for content creation with easy to use landing page and form composers.

Landing Pages

Adaptive Forms

Act-on integration

Save Time and Respond Faster

Act-On’s webinar and online event management functionality dramatically reduces the time you spend on organizing your webinar while increasing the quality of your results.

Events and Webinars

Identify Prospects in Act-on

Identify Prospects

With Act-On, you can set up lead scoring in minutes and be on your way to more effective lead management, higher lead volume, and more closed deals.

Lead Scoring

Act-On Progress Leads Through the Funnel

Progress Leads Through the Funnel

Send timely messaging that educates your leads about your brand and communicates how you can help solve their challenges.

Lead Nurturing

Act-On Optimize Your Messaging Strategy

Optimize Your Messaging Strategy

With Act-On’s easy-to-use A/B testing, you can experiment with any aspect of an email, landing page, or form that might have an impact on conversions, such as button labels, colors, link text, headings, and prices.

A/B Testing

Segment Leads in Real Time

Segment Leads in Real Time

Act-On makes list management easy. You can create, adapt, amend, segment, and deploy lists with ease – no database administrator required.

Adaptive Segmentation

Win More Deals

Empower your sales team with more intelligence so they can focus on prospects with a higher propensity to buy, and have more informed conversations – driving shorter sales cycles and more revenue for your business.

Create a Seamless Lead Handoff

Create a Seamless Lead Handoff

Act-On pumps unparalleled lead intelligence into your CRM, so your sales team can identify the hottest prospects and reach out at precisely the right time. Wave goodbye to cold calling, and say hello to new deals.

CRM Integration

Get Lead Intelligence and Hot Prospects Prioritization

Get Lead Intelligence and Hot Prospects Prioritization

Act-On brings the engagement history of every prospect right to your sales team’s screens. Before a rep ever picks up the phone, they can see what Web pages the prospect has visited, emails they’ve clicked on, media they’ve downloaded, and so much more.

CRM Integration

Harness the Power of Act-On in Gmail and Outlook

Harness the Power of Act-On in Gmail and Outlook

Using Gmail or Outlook for day-to-day sales communications? Optimize interactions by using Act-On’s pre-built email templates within the mail app. You can also opt-in your communications for tracking, and get alerted when a prospect interacts with your email.

Act-On Anywhere for Sales

Grow and Retain Customers

Go beyond the sale. Create a unique customer-centric experience with thoughtful and continued communications to ensure high satisfaction rates, low churn rates, and lifelong brand advocates!

Understand Customer Engagement at the Account Level

Understand Customer Engagement at the Account Level

Act-On's Account-Based Marketing Automation makes it easier for B2B marketers to execute a smarter, more coordinated account-based marketing strategy.

Account-Based Marketing

Automated program

Drive Product Adoption, Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities, Customer Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty

Act-On's easy to use email composer empowers any marketer to send off personalized messages to customers.

Email Marketing

Make Your Brand’s Voice Heard

Your brand’s voice is the message you portray to the market that represents your company values and how you differentiate yourselves against competitors. This promise you’re making to your customers needs to be infused at every stage in your company’s growth and your customer’s lifecycle.

Maximize Your Brand Message

Maximize Your Brand Message

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module provides you everything you need to produce, manage, nurture, and measure your day-to-day B2B social media activities.

Advanced Social Media Module

Maintain Brand Consistency

Maintain Brand Consistency

Act-On Anywhere seamlessly integrates with your business solutions, so that no matter where you’re working, you’ll have the power of Act-On at your fingertips.

Act-On Anywhere

Trvlr App on tablet

Drive More Visitors

Act-On’s Website Prospector helps your team track visitors coming to your website in real time.

Website Prospector

SEO Tools

Measure Your Efforts. Prove ROI.

Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Prove the success of your marketing programs and campaigns by showing which ones directly impact your organization’s revenue and growth goals.

Measure, Optimize, and See Marketing’s Impact

Measure, Optimize, and See Marketing’s Impact

Act-On provides a variety of reports to help you quantify your efforts and show real results. Whether you’re a do-it-all marketer that loves pre-configured templates and dashboards or a data-hungry marketer that likes to slice and dice your data in a BI tool, Act-On has got you covered.

Reports and Analytics

Easily Export all of Your Engagement Data

Easily Export all of Your Engagement Data

With Act-On's Data Studio, your next “aha!” moment is just a few clicks away. You’ll have powerful controls that allow you to filter, aggregate, or export data to answer key questions about marketing performance. Look for broad trends across all your campaigns, or drill into the nitty-gritty details of a single program.

Data Studio

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