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Trustpilot Integration With SugarCRM

W-Systems integrated Trustpilot, one of the most extensive review websites for businesses worldwide, into SugarCRM using its own customizations to make it as easy as possible to ask for reviews and to keep score on how many reviews each requester has received.

Trustpilot Service Reviews, Trustpilot Customer Reviews


Custom Buttons

Our Trustpilot Connector to Sugar was developed using W-Systems’ Custom Buttons enhancement. This SugarCRM customization is meant to ease Sugar users’ interactions with their favorite CRM tool and to allow them to create custom shortcuts in their Sugar interfaces, just like we did with our Trustpilot to Sugar Integration. This particular package is flexible and folds on users’ specific needs. The package’s setup options support extensive customization capabilities in terms of button appearance, placement, and functionality. The Custom Buttons used for our Trustpilot Sugar connector comes with flexible pre-defined Actions, that can be easily configured by Sugar administrators in Studio.

One Button Review Request

Using our Custom Buttons customization for Sugar (included with wTools), we created a button in our Contacts module, called Request Review.  When clicked, the button triggers a series of actions that were defined with the help of SugarBPM. The process sends an automated email to the customer on our consultant’s behalf.

The Sugar Trustpilot Connector enables users to request Trustpilot Customer Review bar in SugarCRM

Intuitive Busines Process Definition Tool

The process is designed with SugarBPM, Sugar’s out-of-the-box Business Process Management tool. The tool’s main scope is to automate complex processes and to eliminate the manual labor usually demanded by particular workflows. Our Trustpilot Integration with Sugar follows the actions below to successfully trigger the Request Review process.

The Sugar CRM Trustpilot Connector triggers a SugarBPM workflow that sends a review request via email.

Logging and Tracking

Our Trustpilot Integration with Sugar lets our consultants track review requests and see which of our customers replied directly in Sugar. To manage this, the process also creates a Task and relates it to the contact record. We would then use a filter to check up on these tasks, and updated their description field whenever someone submitted a review.

Trustpilot Customer Review Records in SugarCRM


Using a report and our Drilldown Chart Dashlet (a wTools customization), we added this ranking chart in Sugar. The Leaderboard chart offers our team of consultants a more transparent overview of how many Review Requests were sent during their preferred time interval by each member.

the trustpilot connector to sugar crm allows users to report on user reviews directly in sugarcrm


Are you interested in or already using Trustpilot to aggregate customer feedback? Why not improve your review tracking capabilities with Sugar? Reach out to us today! We can’t wait to share more information about our Trustpilot Connector to Sugar and about our incredible wTools enhancements!

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