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Trello Integration for Sugar

For a custom Sugar project we built an integration to Trello, a third-party project management tool.Trello is an organizational tool that can be used to organize information in lists. The tool is really flexible, but a common use case is a board to represent each project. These boards can be used to manage all sorts of projects--from kitchen renovations to custom development projects. In each column, there are several cells that are called “cards”.

Using the integration, each project in Sugar is linked to a board in Trello, and each case in Sugar is linked with a Trello card. When a user creates a new project, a board is automatically created in Trello with a matching project number. The URL to that board is placed in a custom field in Sugar so it can be easily accessed by the user. Underneath the project in Sugar, users can create a case for each to-do item necessary to complete the project. Each case has a time estimate, start date, and due date associated with it. These cases create “cards” in Trello and sync down the case subject, due date, assigned user, time estimate, and case description to the Trello card. Statuses of cases can be changed within Trello by dragging cards back and forth, or within Sugar using the status drop-down field. 


This integration allows us to complete most of the project management process from Trello while using Sugar to store the most meaningful pieces of information such as project status and hours worked.

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