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Track and Report on Marketing Interactions in Sugar

One of our customers has integrated their marketing automation software (Sugar Market) to SugarCRM. By doing this, they now have a better insight into their leads’ buyer journey. However, any new marketing interactions were overwriting their leads and contacts data, making it more difficult to see their records’ history of interactions, such as form submissions, asset downloads, webinar or event registrations, etc.

W-Systems provides a variety of enhanced Sugar tools that deliver powerful insights of your CRM information, and, to address our client’s request, created a new module in Sugar, called Marketing Responses that records each marketing interaction as a separate record in Sugar.

Marketing interactions from Sugar Market stored in a custom module in SugarCRM.

A Marketing Responses record includes the data of the lead or contact in Sugar when they have interacted with marketing content, and can link to related leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.

A Marketing Responses record links to related contacts, leads, accounts and/or opportunities in SugarCRM.

With Marketing Responses, our client’s sales team is now able to access deeper insights into their leads and customers’ interactions and interests, while their marketing team is able to accurately report on marketing KPIs.

If you are interested in improving your marketing interaction tracking features in your CRM and enhancing your marketing automation integration, reach out to us today! Since our customization is fairly platform-agnostic, we can easily customize it for your Marketing Automation software of choice.

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