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Toggl Integration for Sugar

We built a custom integration between Toggl and Sugar that improves user timekeeping. This syncs information between Sugar and Toggl and allows users to track time against cases and projects. This project improved productivity across the team using it and created consistency in each employee's tracking method. Adios pesky time sheets--hello productivity! 

Here is how this integration works:

1. The user creates a project in Sugar in the Projects module.

2. Once the project is created, a Toggl project is automatically created and the Toggl project ID field in Sugar is populated.

3. Next, the user creates a case in Sugar under the project. The cases, which represent specific to-do items under the project, sync to Toggl within the Toggl project that was created.

4. From Toggl, the user selects the Case within the Project they want to log time against.

5. The user hits the start/stop button to log time.

7. Within the related case in Sugar, a note was automatically created to show the time log. Each note correlates to a time entry in Toggl and is associated with a specific case. 

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