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Theme Customizer for Sugar

W-Systems built a Theme Customizer package for Sugar which enables users to customize several visual elements of Sugar’s UI. Here's a walk through the package.

After you have installed the package in Sugar, a new option will appear for admin users  in Sugar’s footer:

From the Theme Customizer’s General tab, you can update the navigation bar elements:

  • The border-color
  • The navigation bar color 
  • The primary button’s color 
  • Your logo will replace the Sugar Cube logo

Then, from the Record View tab,  you can update the field labels and value fonts to your company’s color palette and font style.

Updating these elements will make your marketing team happy and more importantly, can boost user adoption. If you are interested in the Theme Customizer package make sure to reach out to us to find out how we can help implement Sugar customizations for your organization.

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