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Sugar Integration to Drift Live Chat

We integrated Drift, a live chat tool, with Sugar in order to  boost engagement with website visitors and then track them in Sugar.

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Before this Integration we had to ask the company's’ employees to manually enter the data of the website visitors into Sugar. But now, with the integration between Drift and Sugar they are able to sync their live chat conversations.


  • When a conversation in Drift meets certain criteria, a lead is created in Sugar. The criteria was that if the conversation was sales related then an email address for the visitor is collected.
  • When a new lead is created in Sugar, it syncs all the information we have received within the chat conversation, including the visitor's name, email address, location, and product interest.
  • Conversations with new or existing leads are pushed to Sugar as “Conversation Records”. These include the date, time, and a copy of the messages exchanged between the employee and the user.

Sugar Integration to Drift Live Chat screenshot

Some other examples of ways you could combine the power of Drift and Sugar include:

  • Using Drift for live chat customer support and pushing all support conversations to Sugar as case records.
  • Using Drift to present website visitors with recent marketing content and tracking that activity in Sugar.

To learn more about how you could combine Sugar and Drift at your organization, feel free to contact us.

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