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Sugar Integration to Hubspot

Our clients wanted to see directly in Sugar all the valuable information they collected on their contacts through HubSpot, without toggling back and forth between the two systems to get a complete profile and understanding of their clients. To accomplish this, we created a custom integration.

Even though we are integrating the same systems (Sugar and HubSpot), each of our customers has their unique way they want it done. It is not a problem to tailor the integration for each company’s specific needs. There are so many different ways a company might want to control the creation of records in Sugar from HubSpot. W-Systems can satisfy all of their needs individually. We are not bound by a “one size fits all” approach.

Hubspot logo

Some examples of the ways we have helped our customers integrate include creating Leads and Targets in Sugar from HubSpot based on different criteria:

  • Lead Score threshold
  • HubSpot Lifecycle Stage (i.e. Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead, etc.)
  • Forms that the person filled out in HubSpot

To illustrate the last example, a company may have several submission forms within HubSpot that their clients may fill out. There are an endless amount of forms you can create within HubSpot. However, you may only want new records created in Sugar based on certain forms (i.e. maybe a “Contact Us” form, a “Request for Information” form, etc.). 

Custom HubSpot Module: Forms

For one client, we created a custom module called “Forms” where all the forms that are available in their HubSpot instance are listed in Sugar. By checking off a form in Sugar (see below), that indicates that new records can be created from that form. This gives the client an additional level of control on the creation of new Sugar records.

Forms in Hubspot check screenshot

Once it is determined which HubSpot forms new records can be created from in Sugar (either all or selecting individual forms manually), fields need to be created within Sugar so that the information from HubSpot can be synced seamlessly to Sugar. We usually recommend creating an individual tab in a Lead or Target record view that will house this information, so it is easily viewed in one place (see below):

Hubspot form info screenshot

A company can determine if they want the newly created Lead/Target to be assigned to a particular person or team, and Lead Source can automatically be determined during this process as well. 


HubSpot Lead Source screenshot

Custom HubSpot Module: Website Activity

“HubSpot Activity” is a custom Module that we build to capture all the pertinent information on that person’s activity in HubSpot. 

This includes, but is not limited to what activity the person last took:

  • Submitted a form
  • Visited a web page
  • Opened an email
  • Joined a list
  • and more

It also tells what “HubSpot Lifecycle Stage” that person is in and when they entered that stage. All HubSpot Lifecycle stages are unique to each company. 

This module also shows the status of an email that was sent out through HubSpot:

  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Bounced
  • Marked as Spam
  • Deleted

It can also capture a person’s:

  • Average Number of Pageviews
  • Conversion Page
  • First/Last Webpage Seen
  • Last Referring Site
  • Number of Visits
  • Number of Event Completions
  •  Time of First/Last Visit

Having all this relevant information from HubSpot accessible directly within the Sugar record makes the job of a Salesperson much easier. They have a full picture of this potential customer, often before they even have had one conversation with them.

Hubspot insides for sales persons screenshot

The integration captures an “Unsubscribe” in HubSpot as a check in the “Do not email” checkbox field:

 As well as captures a “Bounce” in HubSpot as a line crossed through the email address in Sugar:

Also, when on a Target or Lead record, you can see a quick snapshot of that person’s “HubSpot Activity” below in a related Subpanel. This gives you a quick overview of the last activities that person performed that were captured by HubSpot.

Hubspot Activity screenshot

Upload Target Lists from Sugar to HubSpot

Another extremely useful feature of our Sugar/HubSpot integration is the ability to upload Target lists directly from Sugar to HubSpot, which is completely customizable. 

A customer may want the ability to:

  • Upload Target Lists from Leads, Targets, Contacts and Accounts
  • Create new Target Lists directly in HubSpot from Sugar
  • Upload to existing lists in HubSpot

Whatever works best for one company, may not be ideal for another. W-Systems can work with a company to determine what solution is best for them.

Sync to Hubspot screenshot

Once a Lead is converted to a Contact within Sugar, any syncing that is done between Sugar and HubSpot then is done to the Contact record since that is where the record “lives” within Sugar at that point. 

The integration knows to look at email addresses, and if a matching one exists in a Contact, that module is where the updated information flows to. “HubSpot Activity” is related to the Contacts Module as well so that the relevant information is tied directly to the Contact within Sugar.

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