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Slack Integration for Sugar

We built an integration between Sugar and Slack that improves user productivity. Here are five cool things you can do with this custom integration:

Slack logo

  • Create Records from Slack: Using pre-set commands users can create any record type in Sugar. 
  • Give Access to Anyone: Because Slack is a free tool, it’s inexpensive to provide access to anyone in your organization or anyone you might work on projects with. 
  • Adjust Permissions Per Channel and Per User: You can adjust access levels for each Slack channel and user by varying their permissions to use different commands. 
  • Automatically Save Conversations & Documents: At the end of each day, Slack messages are auto saved into Sugar under the appropriate Account and Contact records, so that nothing ever slips through the cracks. 
  • Get a Kick Out of Slack-Bot: Slackbot is an auto response robot inside Slack that helps you with small questions you might have. 

Slack Integration for Sugar screenshot

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