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SAP to Sugar Integration

W-Systems built a SugarCRM integration to SAP, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the manufacturing industry. The integration allows for more powerful forecasting and prediction than you would get with ERP software alone.

W-Systems’ SAP to SugarCRM Integration is developed with the users’ needs in mind.

What It Does

This integration has a nightly batch import routine that captures quote details from SAP and transfers the data to SugarCRM. All quote information is linked to a referral source, and all interactions are linked to opportunities. Therefore, all the information can be tracked and used to determine the most effective referral sources to use in the future.

The sap to sugar crm connector allows manufacturing enterprises to sync SAP quote information with Sugar opportunities.

Key Features

W-Systems’ SAP to SugarCRM Integration is developed with the users’ needs in mind. Our integration can enhance any manufacturing organization’s planning and forecasting capabilities.

1. Workflow Management Capabilities

Our SAP to Sugar Connector enables businesses to design and implement seamless workflows for enhanced automation capabilities. The workflow creation abilities of our customization can be integrated with some of the most complex processes within manufacturing enterprises. 

  • Order Request Workflow Management. Empower your sales representatives to carry out efficient interactions with clients and prevent workflow bottlenecks, thanks to our integration’s Order Request Workflow templates. 
  • Duplicate Order Check Workflow Management. Easily automate and check for duplicate orders in your SAP system within the last 18 months. 
  • Central Equipment Order Confirmation Workflow Management. Let the right sales representative know when large central equipment orders are registered and confirmed in their SAP system. 
  • Order Reject/Cancel Workflow Management. Stay up to date with Rejected or Cancelled orders in your SAP system with notifications and alerts.

2. SAP Integration

W-Systems’ SAP to Sugar Integration allows businesses to easily migrate data from SAP to Sugar, for enhanced Enterprise Resource Planning capabilities in their CRM tool.

3. Enhanced Security

Our SAP to Sugar Integration allows Administrators to set up multiple security roles, with specific permissions and restrictions: Admin, Backoffice, and Sales Rep for extra layers of security.

Interested in our SAP to SugarCRM integration? Give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more.

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