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Remove Unfiltered List Views

W-Systems offers a series of Sugar customizations designed to save you time and money. We found one way to enhance your Sugar Instance by removing unfiltered list views.

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The Problem

Each time you switch workspaces from Accounts to Contacts, you are sending large queries to the Sugar server throughout the day. Therefore, your Sugar instance is taking more time to access than necessary. Moreover, if you are working with large quantities of records in Sugar, your loading list view can slow users down even more.

The Solution 

By removing unfiltered list views for Sugar, your modules’ list views won’t display any records if you are not using filters, or not directly searching for them. Instead, you'll see an empty list view until you add a filter.

To learn more, check out this blog post Two Ways to Enhance Your Sugar Instance or find out how we can help implement Sugar customizations for your organization, please reach out.

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