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PLEX to Sugar Integration

Plex is a cloud-based ERP system primarily used for quoting in the manufacturing industry. By itself, it’s a powerful tool for building complex quotes, but without integration into CRM, it lacks the ability to grow and manage your relationships. W-Systems has developed a two-way Sugar integration through the API, which allows you to manage complex quotes and cultivate stronger relationships.



Our Plex to Sugar Integration can be implemented in any manufacturing enterprise, including: 

  • Automotive – Keep performance and technology protocols high and improve your organization’s ability to quickly adapt to volatile market demands. 
  • Aerospace – Maintain high quality and security standards with a cloud-based ERP system and a flexible CRM.
  • Food and Beverage – Meet specific industry demands, ensure full compliance with food and beverage safety protocols, and enforce better recipe management.
  • Precision Metalforming – Lower manufacturing costs, keep track of inventory while enhancing quality and performance. 
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Connect your Plex ERP system with Sugar for easier resource management, budget planning, and profit projection within your industrial manufacturing enterprise.
  • High Tech and Electronics – Adapt and track processes and resources for high tech and electronics manufacturing with more precision to improve product lifecycle. 

Key Features 

W-Systems’ Plex to SugarCRM Integration is developed with your organization’s business needs in mind. Our connector can enhance manufacturing enterprises’ resource planning and forecasting capabilities.

  • Workflow Management Capabilities – Our Plex to SugarCRM connector enables businesses to design and implement seamless resource planning workflows for enhanced automation capabilities across the manufacturing chain. Our enhancement’s workflow creation abilities can be integrated with some of the most complex processes within your organization.
  • Plex integration – Our customization allows businesses to quickly transfer data and information from their Plex ERP system to Sugar, for improved resource planning capabilities, straight from their CRM.
  • Improved security – Plex was built to protect users’ security and data, and our integration guarantees for comparable security protocols.
  • Request, access, and finalize complex quotes via Sugar - The Plex to Sugar Integration allows users to access all their Plex quoting information without leaving Sugar.
  • Update and sync key information – Our integration enables you to update and sync platform information between Plex and Sugar, such as factory location, dollar amount, opportunity status, and close date.
  • Enhance resource projection capabilities for better budget forecasting
  • Track quotes and orders from different manufacturing sites for improved forecasting.
  •  Automate business processes around quotes, sales, and more.

Reach out to us to find out how we can help implement Sugar customizations for your organization.

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