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Marketing Activity Calendar in Sugar

A marketing department can experience growing pains as more people join the team: the amount of content will increase and so will the number of platforms used to create it. Keeping track of all past and present marketing content and getting everyone aligned can prove difficult, especially when using multiple platforms, such as marketing automation tool, a social media scheduler, a content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM).

To overcome this challenge, one marketing team took advantage of Sugar's customization capabilities and the ability to create easy-to-follow calendars in any module with a date field provided by wCalendar.

Within Sugar, a custom module was created where all of the marketing team's past and upcoming content was added (one record containing the information from one piece of content) and categorized by type:

  • Advertising
  • Blog post
  • Case Study
  • Live Event
  • Newsletter
  • Webinar
  • White Paper

Then, to display all records from the module in an easy-to-follow manner for all team members, record filters were configured within wCalendar's setup panel, so when checking the calendar, the marketing activity is color-coded by content type (e.g., a blog post is displayed in green on the calendar).

With the wCalendar dashlet added in the marketing team's custom dashboard in Sugar, all team members (including colleagues from other departments) could now see all marketing activities (both past and present) in one place.

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