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Fax Integration for Sugar

One of our customers, in the healthcare industry, sends faxes to patients, insurance companies, and doctors on a regular basis. Previously employees were required to manually review and scan incoming faxes, manually create cover pages and letters to send with each fax, and identify the correct fax number to type into the fax machine. To eliminate these manual tasks, our engineers customized their Sugar instance which enables them to send a secure, templated fax at the push of a button without ever leaving the CRM. 

Send fax from SugarCRM screenshot

The wizard guides users through the process of faxing a doctor, insurance office, or patient:

  • In step one, the user selects a recipient for the fax. 
  • In step two, the user can select a template to create the fax form. 
  • The final step is to hit Send or Cancel the fax. 

This customization requires the use of a third-party service, sFax, which is an online faxing service designed for the healthcare industry.

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