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Enhanced Interaction Management in Sugar

Each business is unique which is why W-Systems offers a series of Sugar add-ons that extend it’s core capabilities. wActivities was developed as a customization that aggregates Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tasks, Cases, Notes, and any custom activities in a single place, effectively reducing the time and clicks spent on daily activity planning and review.

wActivities fuses together with Sugar’s existing interface and includes two panels; History (including completed activities) and Activities (including current calls, meetings, and tasks).


Inside of the subpanels, you have a few options to filter through your activities:

  • By User
  • By Subject
  • By the Type of Activity (Calls, Notes, Tasks, etc.)

Actions Button

Using the Actions button you can easily choose which activity you want straight from the subpanels. Therefore, the History and Activities subpanels serve as a replacement for Calls, Emails, Appointments, and Tasks since you can create any type of activity without having to navigate to a specific module.

Additional Features

  • Here are some additional capabilities included in wActivities
  • Historical Summary
  • Historical Narratives
  • Linking Tasks to Parent Modules 
  • Multi-Module Reports 

For a more in-depth look into wActivities check out this blog post.

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