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Customizing Sugar to Manage Parks

A non-profit organization that manages public park land and community gardens throughout New York City was using deprecated software and spreadsheets to track the activities across these locations.

Since they didn't want to store off-the-shelf information that CRM systems offer, they were looking for a platform that could be customized to their specific needs. One of the organization's partners suggested they look into Sugar. They requested a demo and got connected with W-Systems.

SugarCRM desktop and mobile

After researching their non-profit, we built out a Sugar demo instance that offered similar functionality to what they required: the Accounts module contained every park they managed and each record tracked activities for each location. Once we implemented Sugar, the non-profit deployed an internal group of early adopters to get accustomed to Sugar and suggest tweaks to make the system work across every department.

We also implemented wMaps, our Bing Maps Integration to Sugar, so they could easily generate coordinates for their parks, and mark areas where they need to work in.

Sugar also enabled the non-profit to run detailed reports on their activities, providing better visibility for the entire organization, enabling them to make better decisions, based on actual numbers.

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