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Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet

W-Systems provides a variety of enhanced Sugar dashlets that deliver powerful new visualization of your Sugar information. The Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet enables the side-by-side charting of multiple data point series from the same module (e.g. show sales pipeline broken down across product lines).

Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet image 

In standard Sugar dashlets you can only chart one single data point, however, our custom Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet allows you to report on multiple series of data within one chart.

Key Features 

  • Show multiple series of data in the same bar chart 
  • Ability to chart up to five data points or series 
  • Custom filters 
  • It allows you to specify fields, colors, series, control points, etc.

 Reach out to us to find out how we can help implement Sugar customizations for your organization.

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