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Click-to-Text in Sugar

One of W-Systems' customers was having issues with the sales team logging activities in Sugar--but not because of a lack of effort. Their team wasn’t logging text messages sent between reps and clients, because the data would have had to be manually entered.

To save reps time and frustration, we created an integration that allows reps to text their clients directly from Sugar and automatically log conversations behind the scenes. To initiate a text conversation, the sales rep first logs into Sugar. From an Account record, he/she can click-to-text using the new SMS symbol. Next, the rep will enter their desired message and hit send. If the rep keeps the dialogue window open, they will see the responses pop up and be saved as they are received.

This integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures that every communication is logged in the CRM--making for a seamless customer experience for both the reps and their clients.

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