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Barcode Scanner Integration in Sugar

Imagine if you had hundreds of forms containing customer information coming in the mail each day, and you needed to enter all that data in your CRM system.

Our customer, who is in the healthcare industry, receives filled out forms in the mail from their patients. Data entry in this process was inefficient, time-consuming, and tedious for the employees. To increase efficiency, W-Systems created an integration to a handheld barcode scanner.

Here's how this custom integration works. Each Contact record in Sugar has a unique barcode associated with it and forms sent to a specific customer will have that barcode printed on it. So when the customer fills out the form and sends it back, the employee who receives it can use the barcode scanner to scan the form, which automatically pulls up the right Contact record in Sugar. The employee can then update information or add related records to this Contact record as necessary. 

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