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Upgrade Your Phone System with Vonage Business

Easy and reliable business telephony solution that integrates with G Suite by Google Cloud and your CRM.

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Vonage for Healthcare

Unified Communications Transforms Healthcare Business Solutions

Today’s healthcare organizations are using innovative communications to deliver quality, unified healthcare business solutions while reducing overhead, empowering mobilized staff, and providing patients with the support they need even in times of crisis.

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Work on the go with features and integrations that boost productivity.


Collaborate better with high-quality voice, video and web solutions.


Tie business phone service into top business cloud applications for efficiency.

Communications Is Enabling Better Clinical Outcomes 24/7/365

  • Stellar 24/7 support. Customer service and IT teams ready to correct issues virtually—no waiting for an onsite technician visit.
  • Simple and easy to use. Cloud-hosted system lets you easily connect multiple practices with a simple setup so intuitive you won’t need a manual.
  • Automate and improve clinical outcomes. Leverage Vonage Reachto improve patient engagement including outreach. Create powerful experiences with integrated texts, email and more—through one intelligent marketing automation platform.

Good Prognosis for a Controlled TCO

When you migrate to Vonage for cloud-hosted healthcare business solutions, there's no need for costly internal infrastructure like servers and storage systems.

Resources are shared across offices for a level of redundancy that can be less expensive than traditional, premise-based PBX systems. And with bring your own broadband services, you can get innovative healthcare cloud solutions with minimal start-up costs.

Improve Quality of Care with Sms Alerts, Voice Activation and Whatever’s Next

  • Prompt patient notification. Send timely, targeted SMS messages like scheduling and appointments reminders and medication compliance.
  • Extend coverage. Connect patients to a live medical support if needed. Add click to call to a mobile app for easier emergency connections.
  • Targeted “geofence” marketing. Market to patients and prospects by setting a perimeter around hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or pharmacies.

Empower Mobility and Productivity

  • Mask “on call” number. Talk, text, IM or conference on the road—the only number patients will see is your Vonage business line.
  • Share documents easily. Access documents from your phone via mobile healthcare solutions including from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Seamlessly transfer calls. From hospital to car to office, move through your hectic day without interruption.

Diagnose, Consult or Collaborate with Mobile-Enabled Conferencing.

Communicate with your patients easier and more effectively, even on the go. Collaborate and share with medical colleagues across multiple offices, hospitals or even countries. Enhance your healthcare business solutions with intuitive collaboration and conferencing.

  • See how they’re doing with telehealth services. Dial into a video conference from your desktop, web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Call Centers That Help Perfect Every Patient Interaction

  • Improve patient engagement. Use CRM integration, to ensure patient info is readily available for faster and more intelligent healthcare support.
  • Support multiple channels. Patients can communicate on their own terms using AI chatbots and more.
  • Access advanced analytics. Make better business decisions with real-time metrics and historical data

Reliability When You Need It Most

From hospitals to senior facilities to walk-in clinics, losing communications can be critical. Vonage works hard to keep you up and running.

  • Uptime maximization. Reliable cloud hosting and backup features keep your integrated system running, even during emergencies.
  • Easy scalability. Easily scale up and down and even initiate a call or contact center if needed.

Less Time on Logistics. More Time on Your Patients.

  • Unify front desk operations: Automate reminders, route calls, announce patients, improve scheduling, and manage records to reduce office paper work, patient wait time, and missed appointments.
  • Connect healthcare facilities with multiple sites. Better response to patient needs across offices and making timely decisions related to care.
When you add up all the elements that the system provides – the integration with other devices alone – it’s making everybody’s life easier.
Barry Madel President, Craft Art
Good telecommunications keeps it all together, and that’s where Vonage has transformed our business. They aren’t just a vendor, they’re part of the team.
Wayde King CEO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
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