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CRM for Manufacturing

Drive better sales forecasting, both direct and through the channel. Reduce costs through self-service and automation. Move from asset-centric to customer-centric with Sugar.

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CRM for Manufacturing

What Are Your Biggest Manufacturing Challenges?

I Don't Have a 360 View of My Customers

Stop Reacting and Start Predicting

Sugar's forecasting module helps sales managers understand performance versus forecast, and what it will take to make their number. Sales managers can use real-time forecasting and sales opportunity information to accurately predict demand and sales projections based on real input from distributors and sellers.

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Reps Hate Using Our Current CRM

They're Gonna Love Sugar

Built-in tools like collaboration, Dashlets, duplicate checks and an integrated contact data service eliminate the burden of tedious data entry and time-consuming updates, so every employee can focus more time on delighting customers.

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I Can't Plan Demand or Forecast Accurately

Forecasting Done Right

Sugar's forecasting module helps sales managers understand performance versus forecast, and what it will take to make their number. Sales managers can use real-time forecasting and sales opportunity information to accurately predict demand and sales projections based on real input from distributors and sellers.

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I Have Limited Visibility Into our Sales Pipeline

Reporting Made Easy

Sugar’s pipeline management allows sales managers to manage their sales team better with real-time sales analytics and insights on every deal. They can track early indicators and changes affecting their pipeline and increase revenue by spending time on the right deals at the right time. With Sugar, Sales managers can spend less time doing administrative tasks, and more time on guiding and coaching their team and focusing on strategic sales initiatives.

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I Need to Collaborate Real-Time with My Dealers

It's Time To Blow Up Your Fax Machine

Sugar gives you predictability, consistency, and control of your distributor channel. It allows you to gather and analyze all kinds of information from across your distributor or dealer network, allowing you to gauge performance and identify gaps. Based on these insights, you can communicate clearly and consistently, provide guidance, and create incentives and tools that will help your dealers succeed.

Sugar’s collaboration capabilities help you educate, on-board and respond to distributor inquiries faster. You can define and automate processes for improved collaboration with distributors on pipeline visibility, forecasts and quote approvals.

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Our Win Rates are Suffering

Become A Strategic Partner

Sugar's sales capabilities provide every sales rep with the right information and insight to help them close more business and serve their customers more proactively. It helps transition from a transactional sales and service relationship to a more strategic one based on joint account planning and purchasing accountability for customers. Built-in tools like collaboration, Dashlets and the Hint relationship intelligence service eliminate the burden of tedious data entry and time-consuming updates.

A rich set of sales features like account management, contact management, opportunity & quote management allows sellers to carry out their typical tasks quickly and efficiently.

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Our Customer Service Isn't Cutting It

Be A Customer Hero

SugarCRM helps manufacturers provide a seamless, proactive and high-quality customer service experience across communication channels. Service personnel can track, manage and communicate with customers on their service issues as well as gain instant access to knowledge-base articles, service, warranties, installed base and contract data to provide personalized service and resolve issues quicker.

It helps them collaborate with sales colleagues and keep them informed on critical service issues with key customers. SugarBPM™ facilitates automation of processes like routing, approvals and escalations that drives efficiency in customer service.

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We Need to Increase Up-Sell Revenue

Move From Selling To Solutions

With Sugar, you will uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at your existing customers by better capturing their needs, understanding previous purchase history and future potential. Map this information to your product or service catalog to run targeted promotions and expand your product footprint at the customer. Sales reps can now offer more relevant products and services to your customers that have a higher chance of conversion and additional sales revenue.

Leveraging the power of Activity Streams, sellers uncover relationships within key accounts they may not know exist. By analyzing email activity, Sugar helps sales teams better understand customer health, find missing contacts and opportunities and unlock warm introductions, uncovering white spaces and making renewals more predictable.

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My Marketing Campaigns Have Poor Engagement

Let's Get Personal

With Sugar Marketing, your team can optimize their marketing spend by running targeted and personalized campaigns that delivers the right message ahead of competition. Marketers can stay connected and top of mind with your prospects and customers with simple, effective campaign management in Sugar. Build multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns with Sugar’s intuitive Campaign Wizards, and track every action and conversion across email, text, in-person events, or even via social media.

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We Have Inefficient Sales Processes

Less Spinning. More Winning.

With SugarCRM you can streamline your company's operations across sales, service, marketing and fulfilment in order to drive shorter sales cycles, reduce cost of sales, and increase profits. Using Sugar you can define and automate internal processes and best-practices aligned to your customer's buying journey.

It also uncovers areas with potential like coverage gaps and optimized territory assignments. Connecting Sugar with backend systems drives transparency and accuracy by aligning production, configuration, and pricing data with customer information.

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I Need to Boost my Lead-To-Opp Conversion Rates

From MQL to OMG

Sugar's Lead Management and process automation drives higher lead-conversion and creates more "sales-ready" leads. From landing pages, to contact forms to email click-throughs, Sugar ensures every lead is captured and routed to the right team or individual while providing full end-to-end tracking.

Business development reps can manage their leads more efficiently with activity management and follow-ups. They can accelerate their follow-up call preparation times using Hint, providing them with all the customer contact and social network information with just a name and an email.

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Our Quoting Process is Too Slow

Stay One Step Ahead

Sugar's Quote Management enables businesses to configure, manage and deliver robust quotes more efficiently than ever. Sales teams leverage product catalogs to drag and drop line items into quotes where they can dynamically group, reorder, apply discounts, and add comments to build accurate, multi-currency invoices and quotes. Leverage the platform's SugarBPM™ engine to ensure the proper review and approval rules are in place before sending to customers using preferred PDF templates. As negotiations unfold, stay ahead of your competitors with tools to quickly iterate and version your quotes.

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