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CRM for Credit Unions

Sugar is a complete CRM platform that collects every bit of critical information across sales, service, and marketing. It integrates with any application and gives you a personalized user experience that works across the devices you use every day.

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CRM for Credit Unions

Sugar for Credit Unions

With SugarCRM, credit unions can transition from a transactional, account-centric relationship to a needs-based, member-centric relationship. With a 360 view of the member and a centralized repository of all interactions like activities, offers, opportunities, accounts, leads, you have the insights and information needed to be member-centric, transparent and accountable. Household and account information allows credit unions to understand their members' financial needs better and recommend a tailored mix of solutions that are unique to each individual.

With its rich set of customer service capabilities, Sugar helps streamline customer service with easy access to consolidated customer data and customer service tools. While Sugar’s Advanced Workflow and collaboration tools automate cross-department collaboration and follow-up, helping deliver proactive, omnichannel and superior customer service.

Sugar’s easy to integrate platform allows integration with middle-office and back-office systems like marketing, lending, service, and other core systems helping streamline end-to-end processes and reduce complexity. Integrating with in-branch and teller systems, member-facing branch employees can also deliver the same personalized client service.

360-Degree View of Your Members

Sell proactively and avoid surprises by knowing what matters to your members, when it matters. Know your members inside and out with 360-degree activity history across the extended member community. Quickly understand what matters to your key contacts and when to engage with smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel and social media activity.


Household relationships among members allow you to understand and explore relationships that exist between your members. This results in a significant opportunity for up-sell, cross-sell and improving member relationships. The householding process in Sugar will show relevant relationships between member records; such as the same home telephone number or the same home address, a workflow or business rule will then link the records for future reference.

Product Cross-Selling

Your credit union members may have the same or a similar product, but it might be very different in profitability: Some of your members have more in their checking accounts than others. Some pay more fees for overdrafts or late charges on loan payments. Some use the credit cards you offer while others do not.

With Product Cross-Selling in Sugar, you can present new products that are available based on the product profile of a member in real time.


Allow users within the bank to issue and track referrals between business units. A branch operator may identify that a member is looking for a specific loan product, and with one click the operator can route the member to the appropriate team. Distinct Dashboards and Alerts will notify the assigned business unit of the referral. All referrals are tracked to ensure sure that the assigned Business Unit has received the referral. We have found that this will increase communication between departments by over 20%. More Referrals = More Money.

Core Platform Integration

Integrate Sugar at the core of all your Credit Union applications including:

  • Deposit and Transaction Information
  • Loan Approval and Application Status 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Warehouse 
  • Business Analytics

By having Sugar as your central hub, transform your bank into a member-focused, service minded and value adding machine.

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