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Realtors Want Closure Too

Get “closure” on your sales and marketing problems by working with W-Systems for an all-in-one CRM, marketing, and lead generation solution that puts real estate data at your fingertips.

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Real Estate & Land Title Industry

Sales & Marketing Solutions for Real Estate

Whether you are in real estate or land title, we have experience creating sales and marketing systems that can help you track orders, properties, and manage your relationships with agents, sellers, buyers, and banks.

These systems can also help you intelligently plan your day, market to new prospects, and nurture existing ones so you’re top of mind when they’re ready to sell. W-Systems has the experience to implement a system your agents will actually use.

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Your Path to Real Estate Success

Land Title CRM

Land title organizations can work with us to prospect new leads, manage orders, and automate document processes. We even integrate with legacy tools such as RamQuest to pull in key data.

Relationship Management

We have the tools to help you manage and grow relationships with buyers, sellers, financial brokers, real estate agents, and title companies. Relationship data can be accurate, up-to-date, and digestible.

On-the-Go Access

Agents can access listing and order information while on the go (from any device, anywhere) and offline access will ensure that data can be added even when they are far from an internet connection.

Document Automation

Automating your document processes can shorten your sales cycle by standardizing documents via templates, electronically collecting a signature, and immediately storing completed contracts in your CRM.

CRM - SugarCRM, wMobile for GoldMine CRM, GoldMine CRM

Your CRM Should Make More Money Than It Costs

CRM is the tool that brings all your software together by providing users with one place to access tailored and predictive information. See how SugarCRM is pioneering the new customer experience (CX) standard with high-definition CX, powering a customer view with crystal-clear fidelity.

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Marketing: Act-On, Costant Contact, Salesforce Pardot, Salesfusion, ThriveHive

Build Engagement, Drive Conversions, and Prove Revenue

With Sugar Market, you can reach the right buyers and convert more leads. It also natively integrates with the 7 most common CRMs. An integrated CRM and marketing automation solution will help you end the he-said-she-said battle between your sales and marketing teams.

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Document Automation: DocuSign Electronic Signature, wDocs for SugarCRM, wDrive for SugarCRM

Go Paperless and Accelerate Your Business

Document strategy is often overlooked, but we view it as an area of low hanging fruit where we can ramp up your productivity and shorten your sales cycle. We build out document automation in your CRM and then work with best in class tools such as wDocs and wDrive to help you further automate your document creation and storage processes.

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Business Intelligence: Amazon QuickSight, wBenchmark, Addoptify Customer Journey Plug-In for SugarCRM

Managing Relationships Means Mastering Data

Gain insight into your customer and an edge over your competitors by surfacing the right data for your business. With Sugar Discover, you can leverage time-aware analytics without the expensive implementation of a BI tool.

W-Systems Business Intelligence solutions such as wBenchmark, and Addoptify's Customer Journey Plug-In for Sugar can help you blend data from different sources, build complex visualizations of data, and process large data sets without bogging down your CRM system.

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Communications: Vonage Business, Riva CRM Integration, Collabspot

Collect Communication Data in One Central Location

There is a better way to collect and distribute interactions data without adding time-consuming burdens on your staff or managers. Using Sugar Connect’s Google Workplace (formerly G Suite) and Office 365 email integration with Sugar involves platforms you are already familiar with, and tools almost everyone in your organization already understands.

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Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build and Scale Your Business on Amazon

W-Systems offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services including app hosting, storage, analytics, or security and compliance services. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to run your software on a secure and scalable platform that is engineered to meet the needs of any organization.

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I highly recommend W-Systems. We have a complex solution that integrates numerous different software application and databases. This requires several different team members at W-Systems for support. Their knowledge and ability to work together provide the timely support I need. I’m not surprised there are challenges and issues with the complex technology support I ask from them, what is surprising is they always keep it working. Thank you!
Eric Phillips Marketing Systems Director, Independence Title

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