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Find, nurture, convert, and satisfy your customers using Act-On's comprehensive marketing platform.

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Act-On for Technology

Find, Nurture, Convert, and Satisfy Your Customers

As a technology company, you intrinsically understand the value of marketing technology, and you’re probably using email and innovative point tools. But – separate tools take more management and more budget.

A comprehensive marketing automation platform is your best bet for managing well-timed communications with prospects and customers and gaining visibility into the entire buyer’s journey.

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Discover why Act-On is the right marketing automation platform for your technology-based business.

Get Lead Intelligence and Hot Prospects Prioritization

Quickly Identify and Target Prospects

Finding the perfect prospects, right as they’re primed to buy and looking for software or hardware solutions like yours, can be a huge challenge – especially because timing is everything when the buyer is ready.

With Act-On, you can go beyond traditional segmentation to gain in-depth insight into revealing online behavior – in real time. Web page visits, email interactions, form submissions and more can indicate interests, level of engagement, and readiness to buy. And, sales can get instant alerts when a web-based buying signal happens.

Nurture Leads Through Long & Complex Sales

B2B tech companies often have longer, more complicated buying cycles that include multiple stakeholders across various teams weighing in on the acquisition process.

With Act-On, you can quickly identify the unique needs of each different prospect and then nurture, manage, and score leads as they progress through the sales funnel. You can nurture each lead based on their score to speed up conversion, and target each one with content relevant to their role. When a lead score hits a certain level, they can be handed over to sales for conversion.

Deploying and tracking this communication-intensive kind of follow-through is impossible manually, but Act-On makes it easy.

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Increase Recurring Revenue

If you’re selling software as a service, then you’re probably protecting your annual recurring revenue by prioritizing engagement and loyalty with your current customers.

With Act-On, you can create customer marketing programs that run on autopilot. Use drip marketing to provide new customers with onboarding materials to get them up and running right away. Take advantage of trigger emails to let customers know about upcoming upgrades and contract renewals.

Use dynamic content to deliver targeted upsell and cross-sell messages based on current products and past behaviors. These customized, timely interactions lead to ever-deeper engagement and lasting loyalty.

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Engage Customers Everywhere

Your audience uses multiple channels to research and evaluate technology products and services. You need to be where they are, greeting them with relevant information across every point of contact.

Act-On helps you deliver seamless engagement, from the moment a prospect first enters a search term to the final sales conversion. So whether you’re composing a tweet, delivering emails, creating landing pages and forms, or staging webinars, Act-On helps you reach your customers and prospects with consistent, personalized messages.

Optimize Campaigns

With Act-On’s easy-to-use A/B testing, you can experiment with any aspect of an emaillanding page, or form that might have an impact on conversion. Compare how your customers actively respond to one version against how they respond to a single variation, and you’ll know in a concrete, measurable way which of the two alternatives delivers the best results

Act-On helps you spot top performing programs and identify problem areas that need improvement.

Marketing funnel reports show your conversion funnel in a single reporting view, so you can keep track of your complete lead-to-revenue performance.

Act-On Insight lets you benchmark your online presence against your competitors, including web traffic, blogs, keywords, and social presence.

Email and landing page reports make it possible to measure the performance of your active campaigns in real time.

AdWords integration gives you a big-picture view of your paid search programs, from impressions to clicks to sales conversions.

With the testing and reporting capabilities of Act-On solutions, you can quickly optimize the results of every campaign and improve the ROI of your marketing.

Act-On Anywhere

You don’t even need to be in Act-On to use it. Act-On Anywhere is a browser extension that lets you (and your sales team) access content, functionality, and engagement data as you browse sites or use your day-to-day cloud-based apps.

You can create and optimize content, manage email more effectively, and access more marketing engagement data to make better business decisions. Plus, sales can prospect across the web – while keeping your Act-On database full of leads and contacts at hand to dig deeper.

Future-Proof Your Marketing Technology Stack

You know better than anybody else how fast technology changes and how your marketing has to adapt. That’s why Act-On can be customized and scaled to fit your business. The marketing ecosystem lets you keep the marketing tools you love and integrate them with Act-On. You get the system you want, plus the flexibility to add or change elements as the market changes or new opportunities arise.

Act-On also integrates with over 20 third-party applications, including the major CRM systems, the most popular webinar providers and social media applications, content management systems, and data providers. Act-On’s comprehensive partner ecosystem helps you expand your marketing capabilities in innovative ways. You can also integrate your own in-house solutions using Act-On's open APIs.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Act-On is famous for the diligence and care of their customer success team. They’ll coach you through set-up, onboarding, and launching your first campaigns, and their support doesn’t run out after 90 days. And if you want to outsource any part of your marketing, from strategy to email management and beyond, the Pro Services group is skilled and ready, plus they know Act-On's system inside out so you don’t pay for consultants to learn on your dime.

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