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Act-On helps manufacturers deliver a better customer experience by reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right messages.

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Act-On for Manufacturing

Better Leads, More Sales, Less Sweat

Manufacturing knows automation. In fact, you’re pros. From the shop floor to distribution to accounting, manufacturing has led the way for centuries, integrating the latest automation technologies early and often.

But your customers are changing the way they research and make purchasing decisions, so it is time to adapt and deliver a better buying experience. Which is precisely why automating your digital marketing efforts is the natural next step for continued business momentum.

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Discover why Act-On is the right marketing automation platform for your manufacturing business.

Email Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry

Here are just a few ways manufacturing can benefit from marketing automation:

Automated Communications for Trade Shows and Events

Are you regularly attending trade shows and events? Instead of collecting information from booth visitors you can follow-up on when you’re back in the office, send automated emails each evening after the show closes. Thank your visitors for stopping by your booth or provide information on a particular product so you can engage your visitors while their interactions with you are still top of mind.

Communicate More, with Less

Automated email makes it easier to manage lengthy sales cycles and maintain long-term customer relationships. With Act-On marketing teams can get more done, in less time. Execute ongoing, automated email campaigns easily and efficiently so that you can provide consistent communication with more prospects and customers.

Score Leads for Sales and Channel Partners

A tremendous benefit for sales teams or channel partners is the ability to score and rank leads. Learn more about your prospective buyer’s propensity to buy, and prioritize leads so you know when it’s the right time to engage.

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Email Marketing for Personalized Communication

Expand relationships with your audience with powerful, personalized emails. With Act-On it’s easy to nurture your audience with relevant messages based on their behavioral activity, and prove the value of every campaign you send.

Email Templates for Manufacturing Industry Marketers

Act-On's got email templates designed to serve your buyers’ needs. Use the template library for trade show promotions, personalized client newsletters, and more.

Responsive Emails that Display Perfectly on Mobile Devices

Make your messages fully responsive, access across all screen sizes – from desktop to mobile and everything in-between.

Seamless Email Segmentation

Easily segment your email list to send the most relevant messages to your audiences. Segment your lists by buyer types, sales cycle stages, or previous online activity such as webpage visits and email clicks.

Automate Email for Long-Term Engagement

Program a series that will run for weeks without needing daily attention so you can ensure consistent, relevant messaging across all channels from acquisition to expanding customer relationships. Pre-program a regular email cadence to assist in a long sales process or to send important post-purchase service information to maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Understand the interests and purchase habits of your customers with real numbers. Report on response and engagement rates, or A/B test your emails to see which messages work best.

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Landing Pages Built for Engagement

To make your marketing life easier, Act-On provides finished-quality landing page templates that streamline your inbound and outbound marketing execution. This combined with Act-On’s award-winning marketing automation technology helps you reach and engage more customers with less effort.

Landing Page Templates

Choose from a variety of landing page templates that can be customized with your own messages in minutes.

Responsive Landing Pages

Act-On's landing page composer creates fully responsive designs that render seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Capture Conversions with Forms

Act-On forms make it easy to start capturing leads and generating interest in your products.

A/B Testing

Optimize your page performance with easy-to-use A/B testing.

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Measure, Report, Optimize, Repeat

Unleash your inner data geek! Track the impact of your campaigns with simple-yet-powerful dashboards and reporting tools. With integrated analytics, you can quickly see which emails are resonating with your audience (and which are not). Act-On gives you everything from high-level open and click metrics, to detailed clickthrough reports, to long-term funnel reports that track ROI over time, so you can identify which campaigns are generating revenue and where you should be reallocating your budget.

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