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Agents. Brokers. Advisors. Customers. As an insurance professional, you have diverse audience segments. Not only must you satisfy their unique needs and interests, you must do it in a multi-channel world.

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Act-On for Insurance

Simplify Marketing Complexity and Increase Sales Effectiveness

Marketing automation gives you the tools for success by seamlessly connecting your complex network of communication channels.

The result? New freedom to effectively engage with – and motivate – your audiences, locally and nationally. Quicker, easier, and at lower cost.

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Discover why Act-On is the right marketing automation platform for your insurance agency.

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What Act-On’s Marketing Automation Solution Can Do for Insurance Providers

  • Increase the volume and quality of inbound leads
  • Increase marketing and sales efficiencies, from training to campaigns to closed deals
  • Improve the recruitment of sales representatives, such as agents, brokers, and advisors
  • Integrate sales and marketing efforts across the channels, including email, social, and mobile
  • Simplify brand, regulatory, and compliance control across marketing materials, tools, and templates
  • Measure sales and marketing effectiveness in real time

Reach and Engage More Long-Term (and Lucrative) Relationships

The ability to deliver personalized messages that resonate with each audience segment is critical to engaging leads and building business relationships.

Act-On marketing automation makes this easy with a complete package of integrated capabilities that help you effectively connect with your target audiences – from sales representatives to customers – and motivate them to act. You’ll be able to:

  • Deliver targeted, automated campaigns based on specific segmentation such as website behavior, profile data, interests, or life events.
  • Track your website visitors to better understand what brought them to your site and what they’re interested in, so you can optimize your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Distribute dynamic email messages that are personalized to each agent and/or customer, with industry-specific information, invitations, offers, promotions, competitive data, or educational opportunities.
  • Conduct webinars and online events to share industry-specific best practices, how-tos, and strategies – which is a great way to generate new leads, move existing leads down the sales funnel, and keep your sales reps in the loop.

Improve Brand Compliance and Campaign Flexibility

You need to deliver timely, effective messages, offers, and materials that are also compliant with the latest branding and industry regulations. Lack of a viable solution can result in compromised campaigns, legal hot water, and lost sales.

Act-On marketing automation eliminates these challenges by providing the most effective suite of sales and marketing tools in a single solution.

Your benefit: A centralized, permissions-based library of materials that are corporately controlled, yet can also be modified in sections you specify, giving sales reps the freedom to customize campaigns while remaining fully compliant.

Identify Prospects in Act-on

Increase Sales Conversions

With Act-On, you and your sales reps can engage more qualified leads, continue more conversations, and close more sales.

Here are some of the ways:

  • Lead scoring systems identify and prioritize sales-ready leads based on points scored for demographic data and behavioral touchpoints such as email, websites, events, and social media.
  • Segmentation and dynamic content efficiently support the nurturing process and are strengthened by automated drip marketing and trigger marketing campaigns based on interests and actions.
  • Act-On Inbound amplifies engagement by tapping into the power of SEO and turning every web page into a sales tool, including measurable ROI and AdWords campaign optimization.

Gain Actionable Intelligence

Act-On reporting and analytics suite tracks and measures all key activities, enabling you to quickly view results in real time and access data for more in-depth analysis, including:

  • Who’s visiting your site, the company they’re with, the pages they look at.
  • How your campaigns are performing, including email opens and clickthroughs, landing page visits, form submissions, and webinar attendance.
  • Testing and optimizing campaigns using A/B testing, thereby identifying the best converting campaigns before you go live.
  • Benchmarking your online presence against your competitors.
  • Measuring your ROI.
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Act-On starting from $900 per month