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Verio Streamlines Sales Efforts and Improves Lead Management with Custom CRM

How Verio Used SugarCRM to Improve Sales and Marketing Visibility

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Verio is an industry leader in delivering online solutions to SMB’s worldwide. Incorporated in 1996, Verio swiftly launched its IPO in 1998. After their rapid growth and success, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, one of the largest companies in the world. Verio offers a wide assortment of solutions including web hosting, application hosting, and SaaS applications that allow SMBS to improve their online success and grow their business. Verio’s value extends to its global IP network, premier data centers, network operation centers, and its industry recognized certifications.

Business Challenges

Before implementing SugarCRM, Verio was using many different applications to access their customer data. These applications were used for lead management, account management, and order status and history. Having their sales team working with so many different applications led to issues with workflow and production.

Distributing leads efficiently and effectively to each of the sales reps was also an issue because of the multiple applications. After adopting SugarCRM, Verio chose to work with W-Systems in hopes to streamline their sales efforts and improve their customer data organization.

The Path to Success

After reviewing all of the major CRM applications, including Salesforce.com, Verio decided to deploy Sugar-CRM. Verio chose Sugar because of its affordable price, easy navigation, flexibility, multiple features, and hosting options. The cost implication was one of the main drivers for Verio. Verio compared SugarCRM’s yearly licensing fees with that of Salesforce and immediately chose to go with Sugar because it offered similar features to Salesforce with a significantly lower price. Another major factor was that Sugar is open source and easy to customize.

“We have had Sugar for five years, and even though the company originally wanted Salesforce, the cost implication was too much. We also couldn’t find any differences between Sugar and Salesforce, so the fact that the cost was better with Sugar and it offered similar features sealed the deal on our decision,” said Laura Chapman, Sales and Operations Manager at Verio.

W-Systems worked closely with Verio to help deploy and customize their SugarCRM system. Because Sugar-CRM can be deployed anywhere, Verio was able to host Sugar on its own servers. Once they got their instance up and running, W-Systems helped them successfully deploy Sugar to their 150 users.

Another component Verio need-ed to address when implementing Sugar was their lead distribution tool. They wanted a process that would easily round robin leads to their sales team, equally distributing them to never weigh any one individual down.

They also needed a marketing tool to help grow their business and manage these leads. These were the two major customizations Verio were looking to implement immediately in order to organize their sales process and manage new leads.

“We knew we wanted a round-robin tool as well as a marketing automation system to help manage these leads. However, we didn’t want to do too many customizations because we didn’t want to face any issues in the future when we chose to upgrade our system,” said Chapman.

Success Factors

Verio’s biggest challenge before implementing SugarCRM was managing so many different applications while simultaneously trying to grow their lead volume. Sugar has helped them to consolidate their efforts and allow them to focus on scaling their business and managing their customers. With Sugar each of the sales reps can easily navigate through the system, update information, and create or-dering functions within it.

“Sugar offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface that has helped our sales team. It acts as a centralized location for our information. Most of all we are happy that our sales reps don’t have to work with multiple applications and can manage everything in one single application,” said Chapman.

W-Systems also helped Verio by integrating, Pardot, a marketing automation tool with Verio’s Sugar system. This tool helps to organize leads, manage and track their results, and promote upcoming marketing events. Throughout the entire implementation process, Verio and W-Systems have maintained a very productive and beneficial relationship.

"Sugar offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface that has helped our sales team. Most of all we are happy that our sales reps don’t have to work with multiple applications and can manage everything in one single application."

“Our long distance relationship hasn’t been a problem at all. W-Systems has flown out a couple of times, but because of our great communication, it has really shown us that we can work with a company remotely. It has also helped us keep our cost down. It’s been a low pressure relationship, and when we need something they are always there and available,” said Chapman.

SugarCRM has also helped improve Verio’s sales and marketing visibility. Managers can now see when leads were last touched and who they are managed by. In the future, Verio plans to build out their Sugar system to assist with customer support and more advanced reports. Verio also plans to expand its tool to different departments, allowing it to not only benefit sales and marketing, but also the entire company.

“We will be sticking with Sugar and hope to expand the tool in the future, based on our different departments and what they want. I feel confident that whatever ideas our sales and marketing departments propose, Sugar and W-Systems will be able to support it and help us do what the business needs. The W-Systems relationship is very beneficial to us and I would say that the support we got with them is one of the major reasons we have had such a good experience with the application. It has been such a great ride; five years without any bad experiences,” said Chapman.

Laura Chapman, <br /> Sales and Operations Manager

The W-Systems relationship is very beneficial to us and the support we got with them is one of the major reasons we had such a good experience with the application.

Laura Chapman,
Sales and Operations Manager