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TengoInternet Supports Rapid Growth with SugarCRM Integrations

How TengoInternet Consolidated Sugar, QuickBooks, and Twilio

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TengoInternet, the leading provider of wireless internet to outdoor venues such as campgrounds and marinas, left Salesforce and consolidated multiple systems on the SugarCRM platform with the help of Sugar Elite Partner W-Systems. Integrations with Sugar and QuickBooks streamlined accounting processes and saved 30 hours each month. And, its Twilio integration enabled the company to save thousands of dollars a month in outbound service calls while recovering integration expenses in just 45 days.

Business Challenges

TengoInternet, which means “I have internet” in Spanish, serves 1,000 operators of private and state campgrounds, marinas, and oil field housing units in the U.S. and Canada with turnkey wireless internet service. In 2011, the company connected over one million travelers through its networks.

As TengoInternet grew, so did the number and variety of its business systems. The company moved from Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce for sales and lead generation, developed a proprietary network management system, employed Constant Contact for email marketing, and captured its call center activity in a separate database. “Nothing was tied together,” recalls Eric Stum-berg, co-founder, and CEO of TengoInternet. “Locations, customers, prospects, accounting, and network operations were all disconnected and our access to those systems was limited.”

The catalyst for change came with an acquisition. In 2009, TengoInter-net acquired the number two competitor in its industry. “We needed a way to migrate their customers and ours onto the same platform so that we could successfully manage the transition and all of these new customers,” Stumberg continues. “And along with that, we started to look at the functionality we needed to track our customer commitments and all the activity surrounding those relationships.”

The Solution: Sugar Professional

TengoInternet considered expanding the use of Salesforce, but found it too expensive and not flexible enough for the company’s needs, which included aggressive future growth. “We have 1,000 customers now and we want to have 5,000,” notes Stumberg. “And when we started looking at all of our processes and systems, we knew there was no way we could scale it to get where we wanted to go. We canceled our Salesforce account and selected Sugar as a platform for the company.”TengoInternet engaged Sugar Gold Partner W-Systems to develop requirements, design its Sugar solution, and manage data migration from its disparate systems. “W-Systems did a really good job of helping us focus on how we wanted to use Sugar,” explains Stumberg. “They helped us define the process flows and cover all the de-tails. And through the migration, they made sure we didn’t lose any of our customer histories. That was a big thing.”

"At three minutes a call, we saved about $3,000 just in personnell time. Next month, it will probably be $4,000. And, just as exciting, our customers love it."

Business Benefits

Implemented in March of 2010, Ten-goInternet’s Sugar solution quick-ly delivered several improvements in key operational areas including customer service, accounting, and outbound customer communication. W-Systems' Sugar integration with QuickBooks automatically posts new customer accounts and service work orders from Sugar to the accounting system—saving 30 hours per month. Likewise Sugar integration with Twilio, a cloud-based provider of VoIP, text messaging, and phone services, automated outbound customer communications that would typically be performed by employees and saved the company $3,000 in personnel expenses in the first month.

Sugar first made an impact in Tengo-Internet’s customer service area. Using Sugar, the company can now track and analyze customer service cases from open to close. Beyond improving service levels, this enables NOC staff to pinpoint the source of each case and identify service issue trends. The solution also ensures that all customer calls and requests are logged and receive appropriate follow-up. “We rely on Sugar to help us with profitability tracking,” Stumberg comments. “Every customer has a profit-ability profile based on the number of cases and calls for support. And Sugar alerts us if a threshold number of cases are opened within a specific period. That tells us if an account is becoming unprofitable and we need to look into it.”

The Twilio integration addressed a service process issue. Before Sugar, 67 percent of TengoInternet’s service caseload required outbound calls to check on network outages or potential outages. With the Twilio integration, Sugar now initiates automated outbound phone, text, or email alerts to customers directly from network administration. “In the first half of March, the system made 684 calls for us, and most of those were resolved without further action,” elaborates Stumberg. “At three minutes a call, we saved about $3,000 just in personnel time. Next month, it will probably be $4,000. And, just as exciting, our customers love it.” Stumberg expects the value of this integration to grow as TengoInternet scales its business. Integration expenses were recovered in only a month and a half. “We are big fans of Sugar,” concludes Stum-berg. “Sugar gives us a way to manage our customer relationships better over time. And we’ve found that our services impact the satisfaction scores our customers receive from their guests. So Sugar not only helps us take care of our customers, it enables us to help them grow their business."

Eric Stumberg, <br /> CEO & Co-Founder

W-Systems did a really good job of helping us define our process and through the migration, they made sure we didn't lose any of our customer histories.

Eric Stumberg,
CEO & Co-Founder